Friday, November 2, 2012

Rediscovering Jamaica

The past decade has been difficult on the island of Jamaica.  Tourism to this tropical paradise wasn't what it used to be and this of course doesn't help the economy or the people.  But in recent years hoteliers have flocked to Jamaica and found what made it such a wonderful place to travel to years ago, beautiful beaches, clear waters and amazing people.  So once again Jamaica is being rediscovered by the stylish and sophisticated crowd, and with posh people comes chic hotels and trendy restaurants.  Come to Jamaica and realize a true island paradise. 
Jamaica is situated in  the Caribbean just south of Cuba.  This locale gives Jamaica open blue waters and a fabulous climate that allows tourists the chance to experience a number of adventurous activities.  Windsurfing, scuba diving and snorkeling can easily be found as well as golf, kayaking and hiking through the mountains.  Excursions are available all over the island and promise to take tourists out of their element and into new and exciting situations.  With so much to do, it would be easy to spend every day very busy, but don't overlook allocating some quality downtime on the beautiful beaches.  Here in Jamaica, lounging is an activity in itself.  There is so much to do and see on this sensational Caribbean island.
Jamica Inn
Shopping and Dining in Jamaica are a huge draw when people plan their trip.  Duty-free shopping entices visitors to the bazaars and street markets.  Lovely hemp bags and pretty silver jewelry are just a few of the fantastic items you will find when you stroll through the city streets.  Don't worry if you work up a bit of hunger while out and about because the restaurants in Jamaica do not disappoint.  Go casual at a festive bar or beachside cafe or slip on that sundress and sandals and check out one of the finer establishments.  Mouth-watering entrees can be found along with fresh fish and seafood.  Jamaican style food is lively and the land on the island blesses the people with a bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Find something for everybody's taste, gourmet to home-cooking, and be ready to feel full and satisfied. 
Ritz Carlton Resort
Many types of hotels exist on Jamaica, so the search for the perfect spot can be daunting.  At WhatAHotel! we do the hard work for you, showcasing amazing hotels and resorts with impeccable service and amenities.  Decide which Jamaican city suits you best and get ready for an exquisite stay.  Montego Bay offers up 5 options including Ritz Carlton Golf and Spa Resort, Rose Hall.  This secluded resort has everything you need for the perfect vacation.  Jamaica Inn located in Ocho Rios is another spectacular site boasting impeccable and stylish interiors that will impress.  Find complete seclusion here where TVs, radios and clocks are prevented from intruding in on your peaceful stay.  Wherever you choose, know that the Best Hotels of Jamaica will certainly provide you with the perfect vacation destination.
When looking for a top-notch Caribbean vacation, do not overlook the striking beauty of the island of Jamaica.  The island's laid back attitude is sure to lull you into a relaxing and rejuvenating trip.  Come to Jamaica and find the true spirit of a tropical paradise. 

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