Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Authentic Chiang Mai


Chiang Mai

Beginning in October and ending around February, northern Thailand boasts a cool dry climate during the day that even leans toward chilly in the evening. This pleasant time of year is in stark contrast to the hot and humid summer weather that makes the area less appealing. Amid this prime travel season, Chiang Mai becomes a dream vacation destination. Get ready to breathe easy and bask in the beautiful surroundings in Thailand's Chiang Mai. 

Temple surrounded by lush landscape
Simplicity is the lifestyle in this section of Thailand, so traveling here promises repose. Chiang Mai has remained true to its culture and traditions unlike the southern Thai cities.  While touring the streets and local gathering spots, tourists can easily experience the customs of the region.  Today residents continue to teach classical dances with traditional music in the schools and they celebrate Culture Day on Friday where most can be seen wearing time-honored clothing. The citizens of Chiang Mai also honor their heritage in other ways.   It is not uncommon to see the historic wooden houses situated in quiet green gardens standing as if little time has passed.  Elaborate temples can be found all over Chiang Mai exhibiting a glimpse of yesterday.  If you're lucky, there might  be a city festival going on while your here, which will be sure to capture your attention and give you a first hand account of how the people in this uplifting city respect and honor their descendants.  Time just might be immortal in Chiang Mai

The food selections in northern Thailand are also culturally significant. Sticky rice and pork sausage are regional favorites along with the staple khao sawy, which is curry broth mixed with a crisp Chinese style noodle. Restaurants in Chiang Mai serve up distinctive flavors including many vegetarian specialties but also showcase popular international flavors and dishes. Dine in a stylish setting with lush interiors and exquisite menus or check out a hip lounge setting and enjoy music and cocktails. There is something for everyone in Chiang Mai.
The Four Seasons Private Reserve Rice Barn
WhatAHotel! is proud to showcase two amazing hotels that many consider the Best Hotels in Chiang Mai. First is the Four Seasons Chiang Mai which gives off an exotic feel in an authentic Thai setting. Surrounded by rice fields, many suites feature teak floors and a rich and elaborate decor. Like all Four Season resorts, guests will experience impeccable service and marvelous amenities. Savor the taste of Asian influenced specialties at one of the two hotel restaurants or enjoy a light meal and a gratifying glass of wine at one of the hotel lounges. If you are looking for an intimate private setting for dinner, reserve the Private Reserve Rice Barn and enjoy your meal under the moonlight near the hotels rice paddies and the wonderful lake.  Take pleasure in a treatment at the spa where organic Thai herbs and Four Seasons oils will ensure a peaceful retreat. Four Seasons always captures luxury and comfort in their hotels and Chiang Mai is no different. The other absolutely superb hotel is the Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi where they promise your stay will be inspiring and unforgettable. This majestic resort is newly renovated and shows off a ravishing setting that incorporates peaceful rice paddy fields. Because the city of Chiang Mai is insistent on holding onto traditions and customs, the design of the hotel is perfectly styled to match the architectural history of the region. Elegant suites and villas are found to be trendy as well as cozy.  Another great attribute of this opulent hotel is that it is home to one of the world's most beautiful spas, inspired by the ancient palaces of Mandalay. The spa has a holistic approach to wellness that will rejuvenate your mind and body while the unique atmosphere will ensure that you feel pampered.  Mandarin Oriental is a brilliant hotel with spectacular amenities.  When you book either of these heavenly resorts through WhatAHotel! you will receive complimentary perks that will make certain your trip is extraordinary.
Mandarin Oriental Dhara Dhevi
Chiang Mai may not be as popular as Thailand's Bangkok, but it is less commercial and more original.  Chiang Mai ventures into the modern world while firmly holding on to the values of the past.  Plan your trip to this engaging Thai city and realize enchantment and character.  Chiang Mai is genuinely enticing.

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