Monday, December 3, 2012

Budapest Yesterday and Today

Budapest, Hungary
With a bit of research you will find something intriguing in Budapest, which is fast becoming a favorite travel destination. It is touting the "best" status in several categories and continues to show progress in other areas. The past of this lovely city is impressive enough to draw crowds, but with a new and thrilling personality emerging, Hungary is realizing how profitable a career in tourism can be. Travel to Budapest, Hungary and discover some truly remarkable finds.

Budapest is commonly known as a spa city due to its thermal springs that can be found bubbling up from below the city. Famous baths can be found throughout the urban area and give tourists a fun and unique way to relax. If you are traveling with friends and family head to the Szechenyi Baths in City Park. If you are more interested in the beauty of your surroundings, visit Gellert Baths built with a stunning Art Nouveau style. If a historic feel is what you are searching for, the Kiraly Baths will work for you due to the bathhouse retaining many of the key elements of a traditional bathhouse setting. Many other houses are located here and most cater to different types of people or experiences. Ask around and find the one best suited toward you, or visit more than one to truly experience the best baths in Budapest.

Budapest Bath House
Another area that Budapest is shooting past the competition is in the food and spirits category. Light lagers, handmade chocolates and cakes, fabulous wine bars and some hip new cafes and restaurants are easily discovered here and bring satisfaction to the Hungarian people as well as their guests. Foodies have even found it to be a haven of delectable dishes. Rich cuisine and memorable flavors can be found here due to years of baking, cooking and the use of spices by the families that have grown up here. With food being such an important part of the city, you can believe that dining is an almost biblical experience. Restaurants can be found on adorable street corners or fetch your table in one of the many open-air cafes. Don't forget to wake early during your travels to experience some of Budapest's famous breakfast spots and eat like royalty. Dine deliciously in Budapest.

Four Seasons Hotel Gresham
Finding some of the Best Hotels in Budapest is really such a simple task. WhatAHotel! not only offers up a fabulous Four Seasons hotel, but because of the Preferred Partnership we have with Four Seasons we are able to provide amazing complimentary benefits and perks. The Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace is a beautifully transformed Art Nouveau style hotel with contemporary conveniences. Panoramic views of the stunning city and exquisite interiors will make you feel like a celebrity. Dine in the restaurant or the lounge and experience mouthwatering specialties in a chic location. Indulge yourself with body treatments or facials in the on-site spa and find true bliss. Four Seasons offers impeccable service and amenities that promise to make your trip unforgettable. Check into the Four Seasons or one of our other phenomenal Budapest hotels and discover unrivaled comfort and convenience.

Budapest is a remarkable location full of architectural wonders and fantastic new hot spots. Travel to Hungary to experience amazing food and relaxing baths to create the ultimate vacation destination. Budapest beckons you to its city streets and hopes you will discover what the people of the city already know, it is an absolutely incredible place.

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