Friday, December 28, 2012

Indulge in Fantastic Hotel Spas

Spa Treatments
As the year comes to a close, people start to look back on the past year as well as look toward the future.  New Year's resolutions are planned with the very best intentions of making said declaration evolve into a reality.  In many cases these resolutions include becoming more healthy.  Whether the subject is wanting to become spiritually, physically or mentally more health conscious, well-being is at the top of most lists.  Because health and wellness are such a high priority in today's society, hotels and resorts have started to create luxurious facilities that will cater to this need.  In many locations, these resort spas utilize customs and traditions that are pulled from the surrounding culture.  Discover some of the amazing resort and hotel spas that can be found inside a number of the Best Hotels and get ready to soothe your mind, body and spirit. 
Four Seasons Hualalai
Hawaii may be part of the Untied States, but this tropical paradise is culturally as well as physically different from the other 49 states.  Located in the Pacific Ocean, the islands are known for their kind people and beautiful natural resources.  The Four Seasons Hualalai is an exclusive resort that takes advantage of these resources with a truly inspirational spa.  Before you head to the treatment room, check out the apothecary and select ingredients to create a custom experience.  Black lava salt, hibiscus honey and even macadamia nuts can be found on the menu, so find the perfect combination and get ready to indulge. 
Rosewood Mayakoba
Another completely awe-inspiring location is in sensational Playa del Carmen.  This Mexican city calls the Yucatan Peninsula home and nestled between the ocean and jungle.  Rosewood Mayakoba does it's very best to entice the senses of its guests with an over the water spa and treatments that are inspired by the ancient Mayans.  In Playa del Carmen you can experience the ruins and brilliant architecture of the ancient Mayans, but at Rosewood Mayakoba you can participate in the healing properties of their past rituals. 
Palacio Nazarenas
Resorts and hotels love to use decor from the area to create stunning interiors that are not only trendy but inviting and comfortable.  Preferred Hotel and Resorts seems to go one step above that by actually using one of Cuzco, Peru's historical landmarks as the site of the most exclusive hotel in the area.  Palacio Nazarenas is inside a former 18th century palace and convent .  This lovely hotel may be small but overflows with charm and the on-site spa is no different.  The products that are used here are infused with cocoa leaves and white sage from the famous Lake Titicaca that is nearby. 
With hotels vying for customers, every location needs something to help them stand out.  The spa facilities are just one of the ways that they can do just that.  By offering up treatments that utilize locally grown products, guests of the hotels feel like their experiences are significant and unique to the local customs and traditions.  Check in at one of these amazing hotels and get ready to jump start your new year in style and serenity.

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