Thursday, December 6, 2012

Little Palm Island is Pure Paradise

Situated in the Florida Keys sits a 6 acre island that although isolated it is full of energy and adventure. Home to white sand beaches and thatched roof bungalows sits Little Palm Island Resort. This unspoiled island features excitement starting with the arrival of guests via either seaplane or boat. Upon landing you will find luxurious accommodations and impressive service at this idyllic tropical paradise resort. High profile celebrities and important dignitaries head here in search of elegant amenities and secluded surroundings. Take a look at Little Palm Island Resort and find a vacation dream come true.
Little Palm Island
While dining here is somewhat limited when compared to other island destinations that doesn't mean you won't be thrilled with your selections. The main dining room serves up exquite meals in a trendy atmosphere. If you are looking for local fare, check out Mangrove Mama's, although the setting might be considered a bit rustic, the food will leave you feeling satisfied. Try the Smokehouse for a variety of dishes from meatloaf to fish tacos. Lastly the No Name Pub presents some beer, fun people and what most consider a pretty decent pizza. So whatever your mood, Little Palm Island can feed your hunger. This just goes to show you that quantity does not equal quality.
Beach Setting
Activites on the island are pretty simple, come here to relax and rejuvinate your senses. But if after a few days of lazy beach lounging you are in the need for some action, water activities can be found here that will absolutely get your heart pumping. Snorkeling is spectacular here and you are guaranteed to get quite a show from the fish and coral in the area. The Dolphin Research Center is another fantastic site visit where you can spend the day meeting and greating the centers stars. Dolphin lovers will find this non-profit organization center a fun place to view the lifestyle of these majestic creatures without the animals being mistreated or stuck in a small tank. Lastly it is probably best to come to LIttle Palm Island ready for a bit of down time. This much seclusion will allow for complete and utter isolation.
The bungelows at Little Palm Island are nestled amounst crushed shell pathways and lush tropical plants. Romantic handmade beds and comfortable yet posh interiors will entice guests to never want to leave thier room. Televisions and phones can not be found in the rooms to ensure visitors take a break from the stresses of everyday life. Head to Little Palm Island to realize absolute tranquility and supreme extravegance.
Little Palm Island Pool
This lovely little piece of heaven that is located near Florida's sunny tip and promises a perfect climate along with the ideal surroundings. Little Palm Island has the right amount of opulence the meshes wholly with simplistic pleasure. Shut of the wifi and turn off your cell phone, get ready to experience a pristine vacation.

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