Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Best Hotels Maui

Maui, Hawaii
Back in the late 1930's, Dole hired famed artist Georgia O'Keeffe to venture to Hawaii to create a series of pineapple artwork for their new ad campaign. Little did they know that O'Keeffe would fall in love with the barely populated city of Hana and create work that even today is startling and breathtaking. Although O'Keeffe did end up eventually creating a piece that Dole could use for the campaign, many other fantastic images have come out of the trip. Head to Maui and view the sites that inspired O'Keeffe to paint some impassioned masterpieces.

O'Keeffe Picture of Lava Bridge
Maui is a stunning island with perfect weather and dazzling white sand beaches that easily captures the hearts of everyone that travels to Hawaii. Hana is a bit isolated but spectacular none the less and has fast become a day trip destination for many during their travels to Hawaii. Lush tropical forests, black sand and rock beaches from past volcanic activity, amazing waterfalls and striking black lava bridges all encompass the landscape of Hana. O'Keeffe saw the land and became engrossed with the beauty and wonder it held. There is no doubt that today tourists can still see the allure that the topography portrays. Since O'Keeffe, the small town of Hana has attracted people looking to see what extraordinary artistry mother nature has created. Adventure and appeal await in and around Hana.
Four Seasons Maui at Wailea
Although O'Keeffe spent almost all of her time in isolated and simple areas of Hawaii, traveling to this tropical paradise you can easily find populated places that are elegant and upscale. At WhatAHotel! we strive to offer our customers the absolute Best Hotels in Maui. Looking through the amazing list of hotels you will find we can guarantee you exclusive complimentary perks that set us apart from other online travel sites. WhatAHotel! is also a Preferred Partner with Four Seasons which will help us make your stay exceptional. Four Seasons Maui at Wailea is the perfect example of impeccable quality and service that will help create lasting vacation memories. Four Seasons Maui is a fantastic hotel with plush accommodations and trendy amenities. Dine is style at one of the three remarkable restaurants, including the world renowned Spago, or enjoy a light meal with a cocktail in the hotel lounge. Unparalleled entrees and wine selections await you at any of the posh eateries. The main reason we vacation is to relax from the stresses of everyday life. At Four Seasons Maui, the resort spa will help facilitate that goal by providing superior services that utilize the island's many plants and flowers. Treat your body to a natural but rejuvenating treatment. Four Seasons also showcases fabulous pools, a state of the art fitness center and tours or excursions for couples, teens or families. Modern conveniences mixed beautifully with comfort and style create the ultimate hotel in Maui, the Four Seasons Maui at Wailiea.
Maui, Hawaii
Hawaii is a top tourist destination and with one visit anyone can see why. Friendly people welcome you, warm breezes calm you and sensational settings make you feel at home. Head to the island of Maui and take in the resplendent landscape that engaged O'Keeffe so many years ago. Discover art in real life in Maui.

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