Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Napasai Beach Resort in Koh Samui

Napasai Beach Resort in Kah Samui
As people are starting to recover from Christmas Day travel, food and family, a blizzard is bearing down on the middle of the United States.  Yesterday, normally warm Dallas, was hit with some nasty weather as well.  Winter is in full swing and with the holidays over, many wonder why they are hanging around the cold and wet weather.  If you need an idea of where to get away from it all,  Koh Samui might just be that perfect place. 
Thailand is a true exotic vacation destination and the city of  Koh Samui is considered by many a kind of heaven on Earth.  This island is exploding with natural beauty and the locals are charming and welcoming.  Unlike the sometimes treacherous weather you find in the US, Koh Samui almost always presents beautiful weather.  As if that weren't enough reason to head here now, the months of December to March are considered the best times to travel.  Head here and get ready to forget the cold and ice back home.
Pool at Napasai
One of the Best Hotels in Koh Samui has to be Napasai Beach Resort.  Located on the farthest tip of Koh Samui on the northern side of Thailand, this resort is the true definition of beach front.  Nestled among cashew trees and other lush tropical trees and plants, the white beaches almost sparkle in the sun.  Curl up on one of the pool side lounge chairs and look out over the gardens and the Gulf of Thailand.  If you're really lucky you might catch a glimpse of the family of buffalo that call this resort home.  They were brought here to help with resort work but they soon discovered what other visitors discover, upon arrival relaxation becomes almost instantaneous.  The restaurant bars and lounges are luxurious and deliver amazing and delicious delicacies.  Sip a sweet cocktail and unearth your inner peace.  Restore your mind and body at the Napasai Spa.  The tranquility and serenity will envelope and indulge you.  When you book a suite or private residence at Napasai Beach Resort through WhatAHotel! guests will receive exclusive complimentary benefits and perks.  Stay at Koh Samui's fashionable Napasai Beach Resort and uncover fabulous amenities, exemplary service and modern conveniences.  Napasai is an island paradise waiting to pamper you, mind, body and spirit.
Beach Lounge Chairs in Koh Samui
When the excitement of the holiday has passed and the winter blues start to settle in, think of booking an exciting trip to Koh Samui with WhatAHotel!  Our amazing staff will help to create the perfect travel plans that will ensure you have an unforgettable getaway.  Pack your bags and get ready to warm your soul at the Napasai Beach Resort.

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