Monday, December 10, 2012

Ski Now, Ski Later

Snowmass, Colorado
Winter is fast approaching and your favorite national weatherman is once again issuing a warning that somewhere in the US a snow storm has hit or is about to hit.  This storm will be leaving behind mountains of snow, slick roads and some very happy skiers.  Although the United States and Canada have some amazing locations that will make both you and your snow boots happy, these cold and snowy conditions do not last throughout the year.  Take a peek at a few other locales around the globe that promise fresh powder, manicured mountainsides and quaint ski in/ski out villages.  If you are a winter sports enthusiast and get a little blue when spring hits, never fear, WhatAHotel! will provide you with the information you need and hotel bookings you want to ensure you keep your winter weather gear in use all year round. 
The months of November through March pretty much promise that you won't have to travel too far from home to get a great hotel and great cold weather.  When the ski season starts, some normally quiet cities become boisterous and full of life.  The cities welcome tourists with hospitality and a laid back lifestyle.  In the US, Utah and Colorado are huge ski states and although we cannot guarantee amazing weather, we can assure you that you will be staying in the Best Hotels in Colorado or the Best Hotels in Utah.  Select a famous posh setting or a quiet and tranquil scene and get ready to celebrate the snow.  If you are prepared for a trip that requires your passport, check in at one of the Best Hotels in Canada,  including the phenomenal city of Whistler or the world renowned city of Banff.  Any way you look at it, ski season is in full swing in North America. 
Mt Buller near Melbourne
Once Spring starts to warm the skies and the blooms begin exploding from the ground, snow lovers will need to look elsewhere for their favorite cold weather activities.  It's not to say that mother nature won't treat us to a late breaking snow storm, but the possibilities dwindle.  While the weather is warming here, the other side of the globe is bracing for the cooler temps.  Australia and New Zealand may be an unlikely ski destination, but the mountain ranges located there are prime for skiers and snowboarders.  A trip to Melbourne will give you the best of both worlds, big city life and a short drive for a day trip to the slopes.  Melbourne is close to Mt. Buller, just a three hour drive away from the vibrant city streets to the snow covered slopes.  Stay at one of the impressive hotels in Melbourne and enjoy a drive through the countryside to Mt. Buller.  In nearby New Zealand, they too offer up fabulous skiing from June to October.  Wanaka is situated near Queenstown and is a stunning area known to be a popular snowboarding site.  Queenstown itself is an adventure capital and if you aren't snowboarding you can skydive, boat, and maybe do some sightseeing and hiking.  Australia and New Zealand are well known to be warm weather destinations, but venture here when the weather starts to cool and discover some really "cool" activities. 
Many other countries around the world present some astonishing mountain ranges that tempt adventure seekers to try out their skiing and snowboarding skills.  WhatAHotel! will make sure that wherever you decide to trek with your ski gear in tow, your stay will be extraordinary.  It may be snow season in America but the other part of the globe is welcoming the warm summer season.  While that may seem inspiring to some, others await the wondrous feel of white powder beneath their feet.  Hop on a plane and enjoy winter year round and let us help you book your accommodations to secure a thrilling and heart pounding vacation

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