Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Plaza; Historic and High Style

The Plaza
New York City is filled to the brim with historic landmarks, monuments and buildings.  Everywhere you look while walking through the crowded streets you will see buildings that have stood the test of time.  Some house new, up and coming businesses while others have the original tenants.  One of the  timeless locations is The Plaza.  When you hear the name there is no need to elaborate, its name says it all.  While the wealthy consider this a grand hotel, the newly engaged seek it out to host their lavish weddings.  Yet still young 4-8 year old little girls dream of wandering through the halls in search of the beloved book character, Eloise.  So as you can see, The Plaza not only captures the hearts of many adults, but also the dreams of various children. 
The hotel was purchased by a financier and started out as a residence for affluent New Yorkers.  The Vanderbilts were the first to sign the registry back in the early 1900's.  Since then kings, ambassadors, celebrities, presidents and curious travelers have booked a room at The Plaza.  Now listed on the Register of Historic Places, a night at The Plaza will be nothing less than legendary.
The Royal Plaza Suite
First when planning your trip to The Big Apple and The Plaza, you will need to decide on a suite.  Start out simple but elegant in the Plaza Room  and go up from there.  Choose from the 8 elegant suite selections or  if money is no object but luxury is required, book your stay in the 3 bedroom 3.5 bath Royal Plaza Suite.  The almost 4,500 sq ft setting has a state of the art kitchen, magnificent views of Manhattan and what seems to be unlimited posh amenities.  Jump onto your private elevator and get ready to be welcomed by your own butler.  Nothing has been overlooked in this impressive suite, so get ready to sit back and relax.  When booking your room at The Plaza, WhatAHotel! will offer you exclusive complimentary perks and benefits that are sure to make your trip even more memorable.  Pick any of the lovely rooms or suites and know that no matter which one you chose you will receive amazing service, top-notch amenities and an unforgettable stay.
The Eloise Suite
One thing that has made The Plaza a household name for little girls everywhere is Eloise.  The spunky little girl that lives in the plaza with her nanny, her dog and her pet turtle.  This little girl never fails to cause trouble for pretty much everyone in the hotel, but is loved none the less.  The books have been made into animated movies and even a star studded film.  So if a young girl hears of The Plaza, she is going to want to stay with Eloise.  Taking this into consideration, the hotel has created an Eloise Suite.  Fashion designer Betsey Johnson is the mastermind of the idea and has made a two room suite that will be a dream come true to any little girl that loves Eloise.  The room is full of zebra patterned rugs and pink and white striped walls.  Gold leaf molding and a sparkly pink headboard add to the fantasy room.  Old world glamour has been intertwined beautifully with the fun and festive pink theme to make the suite enjoyable for every age.  The Plaza has even incorporated Eloise into the shops and restaurants by creating a tea for the young fans and a playhouse-like shop.  The Plaza has secured the fact that every girl, young or not so young, can enjoy their time here.
Wedding Reception in the Ballroom
Dining at The Plaza is almost as famous as the hotel itself.  Whether you're an early riser or a lover of the night, there is a selection of fine food and drink available.  Head to The Food Hall and choose between sushi, seafood, Asian inspired dishes or something simple from the grill.  This marketplace is easily accessible and affordable but also delicious and delightful.  The Palm Court serves breakfast, dessert and afternoon tea while the Clubs and Bars serve up small meals with elegant cocktails.  So much to eat and drink, so little time. 
While at The Plaza shopping and health and beauty are all easily available.  The Shops at The Plaza are boutique settings and showcase chic and trendy merchandise.  The Caudali Spa is a vinotherapy spa where the healing properties of grape skins, seeds and stems are used.  A plethora of treatments are listed that will guarantee relaxation.  Get a mani/pedi or touch up your color at the Warren-Tricomi Salon or get your sweat on at The Plaza fitness center.  There will never be a moment during your stay where you will be in search of ways to spend your day.  The Plaza does NOT disappoint.
The Palm Court
It has been said that "Nothing unimportant happens at The Plaza" and that has been the case since first opening the doors.  The Plaza emanates style, comfort and good fortune.  Head to New York City to experience more then you thought possible, but stay at The Plaza and acquaint yourself with excellence.

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