Monday, January 14, 2013

Enviable Vacation Destinations

Travel is one of life's greatest joys.  Heading out to seek adventure, admire foreign lands or to experience a different culture, a journey can help to wash away the stress of everyday life and remind us of the greatness in the world.  If you are looking to plan a trip this year, why not make it remarkable, maybe even make it an excursion that will capture the attention of your friends and neighbors.  Get ready to read about some of the most coveted places on Earth and just maybe find the desire to head there yourself.  

Caesar Park Rio de Janeiro
The first unforgettable stop is Rio de Janeiro and February is the prime time to travel there.  Carnival starts this month and tourists will be able to experience the locals with elaborate costumes and to visit some fabulous parties.  Head to the packed streets and learn how to samba with the party goers.  Temperatures this time of year are in the 80's and 90's, so hitting the beach is a must.  Just remember that in Rio, the bikinis are skimpy and the clothing is revealing.  So if you tend to be a modest traveler, maybe avoid this fantastic, yet racy, destination.   Stay at one of the Best Hotels in Rio de Janeiro and get ready to party.  

New Zealand 
New Zealand is our next location and if you travel there in March you will be able to not only see the beautiful fall colors that are about to explode, you can visit the charming Auckland Arts Festival.  Touring the countryside, you can see lambs frolicking on the hillside or you can hit the beach where it is still warm enough to enjoy the sun, sand and surf.  Another celebration that is being held in March is the Hokitika Wildfoods Festival.  Here you can test your taste buds with some delicacies like huhu grubs, sheep brains, and wasp larvae ice cream.  If that seems a bit extreme for your stomach, don't worry, the amazing restaurants in the area will be happy to serve you some real tempting treats that are sure to impress.  With the temperatures in the low 70's, this perfect weather will entice you to spend the majority of your time outside.  Plan your trip here and sleep in luxury in the Best Hotels in New Zealand.

Trisara Resort in Phuket
As April approaches, many are planning thier Spring Break vacations. But there is no reason you have to travel to the common spring beach getaways.   Phuket, Thailand will help you get a jump start on your summer tan with some truly amazing beaches.  Monsoon season doesn't start until May so you are sure to have some marvelous weather.  Although Phuket may be an unheard of destination for some, this gorgeous setting has been welcoming travelers with stunning scenery and crystal clear waters for quite some time.  The Trisara resort is considered Phuket's most luxurious and private resort.  Head here and experience complete bliss.  Everything from the amazing pools, award winning restaurants  and the relaxing and healing spa will ensure your tranquility and happiness.  Plan your break in Thailand and get ready to have some seriously jealous friends.  

Four Seasons Tokyo
As May approaches, many places are blossoming with beautiful landscapes.  Tokyo may be light on tourists this time of year, but with the cherry blossoms erupting, this already lovely city is even more alluring.  The city of Tokyo empties during May's Golden Week, making the normally bustling destination somewhat calm.  Restaurants will be less crowded as will the most popular tourist attractions.  With the temperatures in the 70's and humidity relatively low, taking in the sites will sure to be enjoyable.  Stay in the city or tour the countryside, just make sure you rest your weary head at one of the Best Hotels in Tokyo, where you will be treated to sensational service and amenities.  

Winter is in full swing in the US and some look to head out of town to experience the superb weather in other parts of the world.  Plan your trip to any of these amazing destinations and be sure to be the envy of everyone.  From the exciting city you choose for your adventure to the phenomenal hotel in which you stay,  WhatAHotel! can help to plan a vacation that will be extraordinary in every way.

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