Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Noteworthy Nice

Nice, France
The South of France is home to many sensational places to visit.  The Mediterranean hugs the coast and tempts tourists with lovely weather and blue waters.  One charming city tells stories of the past while welcoming the advancements of the future.  Nice is thought to be one of the oldest settlements in Europe, archaeologists believe they have found evidence of early use of fire simply solidifying that fact.  So with old world charm and chic new style, Nice has managed to hold the heart of everyone that visits.  

Markets of Nice
Tourists that flock to this coastal town include everyone from everyday folk to the rich and famous.  While the clear waters welcome travelers, the adorable yet trendy town keeps them coming back for more.  Although some of the glitz and glamour of its past has faded over the years, the remnants remain.  Amazing architecture, fantastic cultural experiences, divine food and beverages as well as the superb shopping can all be found in Nice.  As if that weren't enough for visitors to come here, Nice also displays beautiful landscapes and a remarkable view of the sea.  Nice captures the big city life and blends it perfectly with a flourishing tropical beach setting.  Let WhatAHotel! find you one of the Best Hotels in Nice and get ready for a remarkable vacation in the South of France.

Hotel La Perouse
Palais de la Mediterranee
Located in the heart of Nice near the flower market and the captivating town center, Hotel La Perouse shows off its 4 star luxury with French style and grace.  Touting that it has "the most beautiful views of Nice", Hotel La Perouse welcomes you in a very discrete manner, but the elevator will deliver you to the glorious center of the resort.  Here you will find labyrinths and decor that would rival a sophisticated estate.  Clinging to the hillside and nestled amongst lush vegetation, this hotel offers amazing French cuisine, impeccable service and first-class amenities.  If you are in search of a hotel that has an 80 year old reputation for elegance and style, check in at Palais de la Mediterranee.  This dazzling resort boasts about its modern rooms with remarkable views and offers some fantastic conveniences.  The on-site casino, fitness center and Turkish bath will keep you busy when you aren't touring the city.  Dine in style at the gourmet seaside restaurant or sip a cocktail at the cozy hotel bar.  Your well-being is in their hands and the Palais de la Mediterranee does not disappoint. Our last, but definitely not least, hotel is the Radisson Blu Hotel, Nice.  This seafront resort showcases world-class restaurants with french cuisine and stylish rooms.  Savor a cocktail while overlooking the sea or lounge by the rooftop terrace pool and treat yourself to a day of relaxation.  Outstanding amenities welcome you and promise to help create a glorious and memorable vacation.  At WhatAHotel! we ensure that your stay will be exemplary while also receiving exclusive and complimentary perks.  

Radisson Blu Hotel, Nice
Nice promises a unique experience that blends the French culture with the refinement and style of the Mediterranean.  Spend a few days or longer here and become truly mesmorized with all it has to offer.  Shop  , eat and play in this incredible city in the South of France and find out why Nice is one of the most popular cities in France.  

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