Friday, January 18, 2013

Rio's Remarkable Beaches

Beaches in Rio
Rio de Janeiro is known for many things including Carnival, the Copacabana, their beautiful people and its breathtaking beaches.  When planning your vacation to Rio, you first need to decide which beach is right for you and then pack your bags and get ready for some fun.  Brazil is ready to welcome you with warm weather and some of the best white sandy beaches in the world.  Find your ideal beach in remarkable Rio.  

Caesar Park's famous beach lounge chair
Hotel Fasano Rio de Janerio
The first location is Ipanema, known to be the site for the trendy sun worshiper.  This beach is situated next to the wealthy neighborhood with the same name and is home to Rio's most fashionable and attractive people.  Although the beachfront is popular, it remains quiet and clean.  Plan to hit this beach if you desire to lounge in a chair under an umbrella while sipping from your ice cold Brazilian beer.  Ipanema is said to be where you will find the most stunning people, but you will also find two completely gorgeous hotels.  Caesar Park Rio de Janeiro - Ipanema is sitting right on the beach and this 222 room resort is incredible.  The furnishings here are as breathtaking  as the views.  Dine at Galani where you can enjoy some of the city's finest contemporary Italian dishes.  Take a short walk and discover the chic boutiques and shops that line the streets of Ipanema and discover why this area is so stylish.  The next sophisticated and modern Ipanema hotel is Hotel Fasano Rio de Janerio.  This Philippe Starck designed hotel looks a bit simple on the outside, but once you take a peek inside you be thrilled.  Modern furnishings and sleek lines give this hotel a trendy yet comfortable feel.  Head to the roof to enjoy the rooftop swimming pool and get a truly astonishing view of the ocean and beach. Enjoy impressive service and amenities during your stay here at Hotel Fasano including spa services, delicious buffet breakfasts and a divine atmosphere.  No matter which hotel you choose, Ipanema will prove to be superbly swanky. 

Copacabana Palace Hotel
Our next stop is the beach with the very famous name, Copacabana, which is considered the stretch of sand for the locals.  This beach was once the most glamorous in all of Rio, but in recent years has lost some of its luster.  Today it has a laid-back feel which is why it draws mostly native Brazilians.  Here it is not uncommon to find soccer balls being kicked around and a game of beach volleyball being played.  Because of Copacabana's vicinity to Sugarloaf Mountain, beach goers can lounge in the sun while watching the cable cars running to and from the mountaintop.  If Copacabana seems like the beach for you, the renowned Copacabana Palace Hotel  is the place for you.  This iconic hotel has a reputation for excellence as well as glamour.  This gorgeous Art Deco style hotel features top restaurants and bars as well as a spa that is said to be one of Rio's finest.  Head to Copacabana's beach and its landmark Palace Hotel and be prepared to be enchanted.  

Leblon Beach
Just south of Ipanema is the Leblon neighborhood and beach.  This site is perfect for families looking for a friendly and fun beach.  Because of Leblon's close proximity to Ipanema, many hotels and resorts are within reach of this pretty stretch of sand.  If you are searching for adventure, Arpoador is the site for you.  Surfers delight in this section of beach located between Ipanema and Copacabana due to the fact that many tourists never set foot here. Both of these beaches are in close proximity to Ipanema and Copacabana, so tourists can easily experience more than one of Rio's temping beaches during their visit.  

Rio's Famous Tile Promenade

The people of Rio de Janeiro love the sun and the sand.  When the weekend approaches they look to the beach, planning on spending the days soaking up the sun while peering out over the sand.  Pack up your designer shades and your skimpiest bikini and head out to one, or all, of Rio's sensational beaches.  

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