Friday, January 4, 2013

South Beach - Sun, Sand and Scene

All around the world tourists can find some pretty magnificent beaches that welcome visitors to their sandy shores with warm temperatures and tropical drinks.  Some beaches are known for their beauty while others are know for their seclusion.  Whatever the characteristic, each location seems to have its very own personality.  If you like a busy beach with interesting people and at any time can find a variety of activities and adventures, look no further than South Beach.  Known as the best beach for people watching, head here and get ready to have the time of your life.
With one mention of South Beach and you might think of pastel colored buildings, flamboyant natives and a sizzling nightlife.  All of this is very much the case when it comes to this trendy Miami locale.  Situated in our very own backyard, South Beach is hip, hot and now. Muscle clad men and women in barely there workout attire work to grab the attention away from the girls in barely there bikinis while families play in the surf and build castles in the sand.  You can find a bit of everything here and that is why it is considered the best when is comes to watching the people around you.  Lounge in the sun and don't worry if you forgot your book at home, the local folks as well as the tourists will provide you with hours of uninterrupted entertainment.  If you get tired of watching the people, the gorgeous Atlantic Ocean or the fantastic Art Deco hotels that surround the warm sands will absolutely inspire.  So head to South Beach and get to know why this fun and fantastic beach is such a popular vacation destination.
When planning your trip to South Beach and the Miami area, WhatAHotel! can furnish you with a listing of the Best Hotels in Miami that will help to cater to your every whim while on vacation.  Because South Beach is so close to our home base, we can assist you with finding the perfect luxurious hotel or resort for your stay.  We offer up a plethora of Miami resorts as well as some that are situated near South Beach.  So whether you want to be near all of the action or actually on top of it, we have just the place for you.  The W South Beach is the quintessential Miami hotel.  Countless celebrities as well as the rich and famous have stayed here and enjoyed the chic decor and lavish amenities.  This beachfront hotel provides you will the prime location for people watching as well as shopping, bar hopping and dining out.  Stay in and relax at Bliss Spa and be pampered like a rock star or head out to the pool where you will find salsa music and tempting cool drinks.  If the historical Art Deco section of Miami is more your style, check in at Hotel Victor.  Still situated in South Beach but with less modern and more classic styles, Hotel Victor combines glamour with a tropical flair.  This posh hotel has everything you could want or need during your stay.  There are two lounges in the lobby and an infinity pool that overlooks the famous Ocean Drive.  A treatment at Spa V will leave you feeling like a million bucks while a drink or dinner at Vix Restaurant will satisfy your desire for delectable dishes.  These are just two of the hotels that we offer in the Miami area.  When you book your stay with WhatAHotel! we provide you with exclusive perks and benefits that set us apart from other online travel sites.  Hit South Beach and we promise your accommodations will be almost as memorable as your time on this famous beach. 
Somewhere on this Earth is the perfect beach for you, whether you are looking for privacy, a family friendly environment, a romantic destination or a hip and happening setting.  South Beach is perfect for families, singles or couples looking for a unique atmosphere with a festive feel.  WhatAHotel! will provide you with the perfect hotel for your stay and Miami will provide you the ultimate and entertaining beach atmosphere. 

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