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Acadamy Award Worthy Hotels

Fabulous Oscar Nominated Hotels
The Oscars are one of the ultimate achievements for Hollywood's superstars, directors and pretty much anyone that works in the movie industry.  Movies that are nominated for an Academy Award are often loved by the public, and if they weren't already a hit, they quickly become one.  If a hotel, city, or country gets a cameo (or perhaps a starring role) in a nominated or winning film, it brings a focus to that location.  Some people fall so deeply in love with a film that they are enticed to visit the area where that picture was created.  Travel the world and check out some of the Oscar-Nominated hotels that have, over the years, captivated audiences and tourists alike. 

The Masina Suite at The Dolder Grand
For two days, "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" was filmed in Zurich at the The Dolder Grand.  This hotel was originally built in 1899 but had a contemporary wing built back in 2008.  While the hotel was featured in a suspenseful part of the movie with the lead actress Mara Rooney, the hotel was able to show off the lobby, some of the main hallways, the Masina Suite as well as its amazing exterior.  This film was nominated for Film Editing which it won, as well as a Best Actress and three other awards.  If you head to the stunning city of Zurich, The Dolder Grand promises 173 divine rooms with views of the city, lake and the alps.  If you choose to stay in the actual Masina Suite, you'll be exposed to fabulous decor that was inspired by 1950's Italian glamour.  Experience exceptional gourmet restaurants and a traditional spa with a modern twist that offers European and Japanese inspired treatments.  

Hotel del Coronado in San Diego
Our next movie worthy hotel is iconic just to look at.  The stunning Hotel del Coronado is located on the breathtaking beach in San Diego and was the backdrop for the classic film "Some Like It Hot" starring Marilyn Monroe.  Because all of the exterior shots for the movie were filmed on the grounds of the  Hotel del Coronado, it's facade is truly a cinematic superstar.  While this film only won for Best Black and White Costume Design, it was nominated for several other noteworthy categories.  Today this red roofed beauty welcomes guests to experience a true beach chic stay.  Head here to find palm trees, pools and a lot of glamour.    

The Panoramic Suite at Le Bristol in Paris
"Midnight is Paris" is a comedic time-traveling film directed by the great Woody Allen.  With all of the impressive hotels located in Paris, the Hotel Le Bristol was selected to be center stage in this Best Original Screenplay winning movie.  The luxury 188 room hotel presents classic decor with  French flair.  The hotel's gorgeous Panoramic Suite was showcased in every in-room scene for the film and  this 1725 sq ft suite boasts Louis XVI furnishings with lavender and gold accents.  The small terrace in the room provides a stunning view of the city and knowing you get to stay in a room where Rachel McAdams and Owen Wilson once stood is pretty cool too.

The Pierre in New York City
The 1992 Al Pacino film, "Scent of a Woman" filmed the famous tango dance scene is this New York City  hotel's Cotillion Room.  The room was transformed into a restaurant for the film, but the elegant room is normally a ballroom.   The Pierre, located on glamorous 5th Ave overlooking Central Park offers guests an enchanting and classic atmosphere.  The Jiva spa will pamper you with ancient Indian treatments and the restaurants offer up world renowned innovative cuisine.  This Oscar favorite was nominated in several categories  but Al Pacino won for Best Actor with his portrayal of a blind and irritable colonel.   

Cape Grace in South Africa
Shutters on the Beach in Santa Monica
Other notable hotels that made a small appearance are Cape Grace located in Cape Town, South Africa.  This pink colored hotel was seen off in the distance during the 2006 movie "Blood Diamond".  Shutters on the Beach is a famed hotel located in lovely Santa Monica and was utilized for it's charm and east coast feel. Although located most definitely on the west coast, the actors in the 2003 "Somethings Gotta Give" are seen eating dinner here with the portrayal that it was actually located in the Hamptons.  Nice acting work for this alluring resort.  And although it never actually made an appearance,  the Ashford Castle housed the cast and crew for the 1952 John Wayne film, "The Quiet Man".  This 13th century castle was allowed to show off a bit of the grounds for a scene in the film, but the phenomenal structure didn't make the cut.

The Ashford Castle in Ireland
The Hollywood stars are most notable when it comes to fame.  However without all of the work that goes on in the background, these stars wouldn't be where they are today.  In the movie business the leading actors are just as important as those that work off camera.  What are some of your favorite films?  I bet that in that film, at least somewhere, is an amazing hotel just waiting for its 15 minutes of fame.     

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