Monday, February 11, 2013

Architectural Beauty Found Worldwide

Simply put, architecture is fascinating!  Regardless of whether you consider yourself an architecture lover or not, you cannot deny the fact that when seeing a 14th century cathedral in France or maybe the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, you find the detail and creation completely awe-inspiring.  Let's take a look at some of the most beautiful buildings around the world and consider the possibility that their intriguing qualities or elemental style is enough to beckon you to their home city.  

Sagrada Familia Barcelona 
Mandarin Oriental Barcelona
Our first stop is the city of Barcelona, Spain.  Here you find the very controversial Sagrada Familia.  Considered argumentative due to the love/hate relationship many seem to have with the cathedral, its beauty is still apparent.  Towering pillars, intricate carvings and even ceilings with complex detail all create a cathedral that creates a bevy of emotions. The planning and construction of this Gothic-Art Nouveau cathedral took 40 years of the architect, Antoni Gaudi's, life.  After his tragic death in 1926, his associates continued to work on his beloved building and still today the construction continues with a completion date anywhere between 2017 and 2026.  Regardless of your love or hate of the Sagrada Familia, you can appreciate the design of the building as well as the presence it adds to the Barcelona skyline.  During your stay in this city, check in at one of the Best Hotels in Barcelona where you can rest and relax in another lovely structure.  One such hotel is the Mandarin Oriental Barcelona.  This superb hotel is located in a luxurious part of the city and promises not only amazing amenities and service, but also a striking contemporary interior.  Beauty abounds in Barcelona.  

Burj Al Arab in Dubai
The next stop is quickly becoming a famous icon for this city in which it sits.  Burj Al Arab is the 60-story hotel that is situated on its very own island.  Although the exterior is undoubtedly memorable, the interior is also absolutely breathtaking.  The atrium is 600 feet tall, making it the tallest in the world, and creating marvelous views.  Here you can also head to one of the upper floors and tee off on the platform green and into the waters below, or have your private helicopter deliver you to the hotel's own private helipad.  This all-suite luxury hotel offers only the finest amenities so if you travel to Dubai, you might want to stay here.  If just a visit to the famed Burj Al Arab is more your style, there are several other fantastic hotels located here.  Select one of the Best Hotels in Dubai and find allure in the Middle East.  

Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace
Budapest, Hungary is a historic city that was battered and abused by WWII but still displays some significant architectural sites.  One such site is the Gresham Palace.  While at one time this Art Nouveau landmark was a status symbol, it now houses the exquisite Four Seasons Hotel.  Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace has been remodeled to showcase modern conveniences, however it still captures the beauty of the past.  Situated alongside the Danube and the hills of Buda, the views from the palace hotel are gorgeous.  Stay here and experience first hand the appeal of staying at one of the world's most beautiful buildings.  

Tiger's Nest Monastery, Bhutan
Next we look into the quiet beauty found in the very private and isolated Kingdom of Bhutan.  Tiger's Nest Monastery is the breathtaking building and with one look there is no doubt it should be ranked as one of the most beautiful buildings on this Earth.  Looming high on a rock outcropping around 2600 feet above the Paro Valley you can find this sacred monastery perfectly perched.  Visitors looking to walk through this shrine must trek hours up the mountainside, but upon arrival will find a memorable setting.  Built around 1692 around a cave where Indian Guru Rinpoche believed to have meditated, the views alone aren't for the faint of heart.  Stay at one of the Best Hotels in Bhutan to experience even more of the country's rich culture.  Both the Amankora Resort as well as the Uma Paro offer exceptional style and exclusive complimentary perks.  Select either of these unique resorts and experience the wonder and charm found in the Kingdom of Bhutan.  

Suite at Amankora in Bhutan
Umo Paro, Bhutan
They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that is certainly the case with these enchanting buildings.  It is possible that even if you look upon these structures and do not find beauty, you can recognize the significance that they have on the people that are captivated by the structure.  When deciding where you will travel next, look into the architecture that exists there and you might find something irresistible.  If you're really lucky, the fabulous architectural find might just be one of the Best Hotels in that  chosen city.  Travel can awaken the soul and enlighten the spirit.  Beautiful architecture only elevates those experiences.  

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