Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Farm to Massage Table?

Farm Fresh Ingredients in Spa Products
If you haven't heard of the farm-to-table phenomenon yet, it's probably only a matter of time until you do.  Farm-to-table is when local restaurants, hotels and even private citizens choose to buy fruits, vegetables, meats and herbs from the region that surrounds them to ensure quality and freshness as well as help to create a strong economy in the area in which they live.  This concept has taken off and many luxury hotels have embraced a farm-to-table menu in their restaurants and lounges.  However it hasn't ended there.  Hotels have gone a step further and started using this same idea in their full service spas.  At one time the word "organic" was thrown around, yet now the trend is to utilize farmers' markets as well as their own gardens in the ingredients for many of the treatments the hotel spas provide.  Fresh becomes chic in some luxe hotel and resort spas.  

The Montage Laguna Beach On-site Gardens
The Montage Laguna Beach is a stunning retreat situated on the coast near many popular California beaches. The Montage has become well known recently for its culinary expertise thanks to the hotels own Studio Garden.  Here the Montage produces fruits, vegetables and herbs that are used in the kitchens and bars but also in the 20,000 square foot spa.  Here guests can find a variety of treatments using lemons, thyme and lavender, all grown in the hotel's garden.  It doesn't get more unprocessed than that.    

Andaz Wall Street Spa
The Andaz Wall Street in New York City just released its new farm-to-table spa treatments implementing ingredients from the Hudson Valley farms and markets.  Guests that are looking for some spa time can expect fresh cucumber, melon, strawberries as well as honey, celery and fennel.  Choose to enjoy your spa experience in one of the two hotel treatment rooms or have the treatment come to you with in-room service, leaving you and your room smelling and feeling fresh. 

Remede Spa at St. Regis in Aspen
The Remede Spa is located at the glamorous St. Regis Aspen Resort and after a long day of skiing a massage might be in order.  Thankfully the Remede Spa is ready to serve you.  Here you can enjoy treatments that utilize salts with grapeseed oil, a rosemary mint scrub or a candied chestnut body butter application and all of these lush treatments are combined with a savory and fresh tasting menu.  So at St. Regis you can taste and feel the fabulous freshness of farm-to-table at the very same time.

Farm to Spa
Some of the top hotels have come to realize that their guests want to know where their food has come from, they want organic food and products that aren't over processed and they want to find a way to help the local community while also not hurting the environment.  All of these things bring about the farm-to-table movement that is spreading throughout the US and many other countries.  Although the shelf life of many of the products used in these spas is less than the pre-packaged variety, guests love the fact that they use fresh ingredients that were grown and purchased nearby.  Visit any of these beautiful hotels and get a taste of how important fresh can be, either on your palate or on your skin.  

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