Friday, February 22, 2013

Rome Cavalieri

Adventure and an Amazing Hotel - Hotel Jerome
Luxury and boutique hotels are everywhere, in fantastic famous cities and in quaint romantic small towns, in old historic structures or brilliant and modern new architecture.  With all of the amazing amenities that they provide and the gorgeous decor that welcome you during your stay, hotels need to offer incentives that will entice customers to check in at their hotel, not the competition.  Find some very unique offers, adventures and packages at some of the Best Hotels Around the World and discover just one more thing to draw you to some of the most fabulous and phenomenal hotels and resorts.  

Rome Cavalieri in Rome
When traveling to Rome, whether for the first time or a return trip, tourists love the idea of riding a scooter around town, taking in the scenery and local sights.  The extravagant Rome Cavalieri offers a fun package called the "Roman Holiday Fantasy" where guests get a professional makeup session and then go on a Vespa tour around Rome taking in the famed sites from the 1958 Audrey Hepburn movie, "Roman Holiday".  This excursion only adds to the beauty of staying at the very romantic Rome Cavalieri.  This hotel's classic Italian style, lush Mediterranean grounds and dazzling staff will guarantee that your time here will be absolutely sensational.   

Hotel Jerome in Aspen
If you are planning a trip to the always chic Aspen Colorado area, you are surely ready for an exhilarating time.  This skiing hot-spot is well loved and here you can find a plethora of elegant and amazing hotels.  One hotel that is full of lavish extras is the historic Hotel Jerome.  Located in the heart of Aspen, this splendid hotel presents everything guests could ever want and need during their time in this beautiful city.  However this hotel also has a package available that helps to set it apart from the many other resorts that call Aspen home.  The Hotel Jerome has a program, that for an additional charge, guests can go for a ride via dog-sled at dusk and then dine on a delectable four course meal at the hotel.  Adventure and awe-inspiring accommodations await you in Aspen.

New York city is a location full of class, history and absolute decadence   While in the city you can attend a pulse pounding Broadway show, visit marvelous museums and eat at some world famous restaurants.  Even the hotels located here are famous, seen in movies, TV shows and visited by the rich, famous and powerful.  The ultra-rich, mega businessman Donald Trump calls NYC his home and so it is no surprise that his gorgeous Trump International Hotel and Tower New York is vying for top billing when it comes to the hotel that bares his name.  So what has this epic hotel done to add a bit of intrigue to your stay?  For a fee, guests can cook dinner alongside celebrity chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten.  If you enjoy cooking,  love the idea of learning a few special techniques or tricks from a master, and let's not forget the ability to stay in pure style at one of New York City's premier hotels, than book your room at the elegant Trump International Hotel and Tower New York.

St. Regis in Bali
The ravishing St. Regis Collection of hotels has also started to offer guests the ability to purchase the ultimate add-on at some of their exotic locales.   St. Regis Resort, Bora Bora has a $12,000 package that, even though only one guest ever took advantage of  the expensive excursion, it still got people talking.  The resort St. Regis Bali offered a less expensive excursion that allowed guests to enjoy meals as well as a few other exciting perks, but most importantly allowed the guests to meet a princess.  St. Regis may not have the adventures that everyday people can afford, but it sure if fun to think that this hotel offers such lavish activities     

Four Seasons Maui at Wailea
Wherever you decide to stay during your visit to Hawaii is sure to be fantastic, but the Four Seasons Maui at Wailea wanted to offer a little something different to their guests.  After a 2009 renovation, they elected to start offering something called "Unforgettable Events".  These events were similar to a camp, only for adults.  This year Four Seasons is offering a week long cycling camp with Canadian Olympic team member Ryder Hesjedal as well as windsurfing with retired pro Matt Prichard and Shawna Cropas.  No doubt that is a pretty cool activity to book.

Vespa Ride through Rome
To remain competitive in the aggressive hotel and resort market, having a remarkable spa, a world famous chef on the payroll or even a stunning pool to lounge by are no longer enough to draw the bigger crowds.  These characteristics are found at most of the top-notch hotels, so providing them is almost a requirement, not a luxury.  In times like these, hotels find over the top adventures and experiences that guests can pay for and receive something simply remarkable.  WhatAHotel! loves to help make the right decision for you and your travel companion as well as offer exclusive and complimentary perks and benefits.  Go on vacation and bring home stories that will make your friends and neighbors unimaginably envious.  

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