Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Presidential Prestige

The job of President of the United States means a lot of travel, it is a job requirement to anyone that holds this most influential office.  This fact means that he (or someday she) must stay in countless hotels all over the world.  Only the best hotels and resorts are considered acceptable for the most powerful man in the world, which means that the hotels that he frequents have exceeded expectations when it comes to comfort, quality and service.  So if you want to stay somewhere that has proven to have an exceptional environment, check out these fabulous hotels.  These establishments have demonstrated that they are good enough for The President to return time and again, so head to some of the Best Hotels in America and maybe feel a bit presidential in the process.  
Arizona Baltimore's Inviting Pool
The Arizona Biltmore in Phoenix, Arizona has welcomed some famous figures, Marilyn Monroe was said to have loved the pool here while the iconic "White Christmas" was written here by the amazing Irving Berlin.  Ronald and Nancy Reagan celebrated their honeymoon here and Herbert Hoover as well as the Kennedys were said to have been frequent guests.  Check in here and enjoy the 39 acres of gardens, pools and stunning architecture.  Play a round of Championship golf or relax in the 22,000 square foot spa and fitness center.  Enjoy dining at one of the many on-site restaurants and experience timeless perfection in the heart of the desert.

Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore, Santa Barbara
Another preferred selection for Ronald Reagan was the impressive Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore, Santa Barbara.  Reagan was well known for his Hollywood beginning and continued to have ties to this city once he took office.  When he visited southern California he enjoyed staying at this Santa Barbara Four Seasons where he could do everything from relax to hold a high profile press conference.  A visit here will showcase dazzling views of the Pacific, mild and sunny weather and incredible amenities.  Enjoy California coastal cuisine with use of local produce and seafood not to mention some of the region's best wine.  Find all that is amazing at this picturesque Four Seasons and it will be easy to see why Reagan often stayed here.  

The Kahala Hotel and Resort Suite
The fact that Hawaii is able to have the exotic feel of a far away locale with a US address makes it a desirable place for any president to vacation.  The Kahala Hotel and Resort in Honolulu, Hawaii has welcomed every president since Johnson, with the exception of Obama.  Even Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has enjoyed this resort when she entertained the Japanese minister.  Other famous people that stayed here include The Dalai Lama, Liza Minnelli, Julie Andrews, Tony Bennett, Jay-Z, Michael Jackson and No Doubt.  This luxury resort is known not only for its amazing location but also as a hideaway for those seeking privacy.  Find tantalizing dishes served at any one of the five restaurants or enjoy a divine treatment at the world-class spa.  With such a long list of important people visiting this beautiful resort, you are sure to find top-notch luxuries and exceptional quality during your stay.

The Elegant Lobby at The Fairmont San Francisco
The Fairmont San Francisco is a hotel with some pretty incredible stories to tell.  This historic hotel loves to show off the grandeur of the past while offering all of the modern conveniences of today.  This iconic location has been the site of many influential assemblies, including the 1945 United Nations Charter meeting where 40 delegates from foreign countries met in the hotel's Garden Room.  Every president has visited this hotel since Taft, making it a definite presidential favorite.  JFK enjoyed his time here and legend has it that he had a secret doorway in his presidential penthouse library that welcomed his Hollywood mistress.  Today the guest rooms and suites are outfitted in traditional decor with a modern twist.  The spa and restaurants on the hotel grounds are fabulous and promise to rival any other local establishment.  Stay in style in the beautiful city of San Francisco.

The Ritz-Carlton Palm Beach
Shoes from the Commander and the Chief Suite
Florida is another destination that allows our leader to enjoy beautiful weather while remaining close to home.  The Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach has hosted several sitting presidents with Obama being the most recent.  It even has a suite rightfully named the Commander and the Chief suite where these powerful men stay.  However this room's famous feature has little to do with the man in charge and more to do with his leading lady.  A wall in this lovely room is dedicated to shoes, each one made with an important lady in mind.  Although many of the shoes are reminiscent of a first lady, there are also shoes for Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth, Marie Antoinette, and Margaret Thatcher.  This very unique display is the perfect backdrop for such an important room.  Stay at the Ritz in Palm Beach and discover Five Star, Five Diamond quality.  This oceanfront sight is glamorous and laid back all at the same time.  Enjoy the finer things in life at the stylish restaurants or the legendary spa.  Casual elegance is found in every aspect of the Ritz-Carlton, Palm Beach.

The Jefferson in D.C.
Every once in a while a president stays at a hotel in the capital city.  The Jefferson is located in the heart of Washington DC and is named after  one of our founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson. The suite that touts his name is 1,900 sq ft of beautiful decor and stunning views.  You can even check out the Washington Monument and White House from one of the five Juliet balconies found in the suite.  Most recently George H.W. Bush stayed here during his inauguration and even chose some of this cabinet members during his stay.  Every inch of this historic hotel is classic and refined creating a sophisticated atmosphere.  Enjoy an expertly poured cocktail at the lounge and you might catch a glimpse of a famous political figure or dine in elegance at the Plume restaurant that just happens to be one or the finest restaurants in the city.  Stroll though the hotel and take in the antiques and artwork as well as some historic documents that call this epic hotel home.  The Jefferson is the ultimate in class and poise.  

The United States is the most powerful country in the world and with this title there is no doubt that our commander and chief will require only the best when it comes to where he relaxes at the end of the day.  With such authority, comfort and convenience are just as important as privacy and  elegance.  Stay at any one of these amazing hotels and discover why past and current presidents have returned over and over.  If it's good enough for the man in charge, it'll be sure to be a fantastic experience for every traveler.  

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