Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Peter Island Resort

Peter Island in the Caribbean
Feeling overwhelmed or find that you have a touch of the post holidays blues?  Maybe it's time to pack a bag and head out where the sun shines more often than not and privacy is easily found.  If this sounds too good to be true think again.  Located in the always lovely Caribbean, sits a private island that is secluded from the normal tourist attractions and promises an exotic destination where beauty abounds.  Travel to Peter Island in the British Virgin Isles and discover a tropical wonderland.  

Suite at Peter Island Resort
Peter Island is one of the largest private islands in the Caribbean with one fabulous resort and a collection of five breathtaking beaches.  Although you won't find the normal trappings of tourism on this island, that doesn't mean you won't have things to do.  The Peter Island Resort and Spa has created an ideal location with loads of activities, but also the ability to do nothing at all.  If you seek adventure, try any of the popular water sports available or stay on land and go for a bike ride or a hike to the top of the mountain.    Enjoy a game of beach volleyball on the powder white beaches or play basketball or tennis on the resort courts.  With an island this full of tropical plants and flowers, spend some time with the head gardener for a horticultural tour, or go for a sail around the island at sunset to take in all of the encompassing natural beauty.  If you simply cannot go on vacation without a shopping trip being involved, plan an off-island excursion to nearby St. Thomas and shop at that island's chic boutiques and island shops.  Peter Island Resort and Spa has gone out of its way to create a tranquil environment that can be either relaxing, thrilling or both.  

Pool at the Resort
While the outside activities are exciting, inside there are plenty of wonderful ways to spend your time.  The suites and rooms at Peter Island Resort are simple with very comfortable amenities and modern conveniences.  The Spa located at the resort has a diverse menu of services and treatments, like a facial or massage, that will help to restore and nurture guests.  Couples might choose to book the Retreat Suite where they can spend their day in an intimate setting.  These suites have their very own verandas, soaking tubs as well as two treatment tables allowing couples to indulge in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere.  The dining facilities on Peter Island are also fabulous, preparing the freshest food with the freshest ingredients.  There are several dining establishments here, all offering a variety of quality food and wines so select a location and enjoy.  

Relax on Peter Island
Peter Island Resort and Spa is a luxurious retreat that is surrounded by azure blue waters and 1800 acres of flourishing exotic plants and trees.  Although the resort is remote, it has done a fabulous job finding activities for guests both on and off property.  If you are in search of a remote location but need something a bit more posh than pitching a tent in the middle of no where, let WhatAHotel! plan your travels to Peter Island Resort, where you will find sophisticated solitude.  

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