Friday, February 1, 2013

Spirited Santorini

Santorini Greece with its Iconic Blue Domes
A gigantic volcanic explosion sounds ominous, but the remnants of such a violent episode are truly marvelous.  Situated in the Aegean Sea is what used to be a small island that was destroyed when the great volcano erupted.  Considered the greatest volcanic eruption ever, what was left behind is a geological caldera, or a crater formed when the eruption was so violent the mouth of the volcano falls in on itself.  Today this caldera is called Santorini, and this breathtaking island is highly recognized as a top tourist destination.  Situated off the coast of the mainland of Greece, Santorini will prove to be just as fascinating as its past.   

The Mystique Santorini on the Oia Cliffs
One look at the iconic pictures of Santorini and you'll be mesmerized.  The photos of white washed buildings perched high atop the side of the cliffs with the azure waters in the distance are stunning.  During your visit, there are many ways to spend your day.  Take a mule ride to the top of the caldera for a unique perspective of the surrounding islands and Santorini itself or walk through the cobblestone streets in town and shop for local goods.  Eating is a must in any Greece city and Santorini is no different.  Try the traditional foods and fresh produce that will leave you satisfied.  You can even head to the local wineries and taste the flavor of their hearty local wines. Visit the beach, museums or simply watch the sunset from the balcony of your suite, whatever you choose to do, it will most likely be memorable as well as magnificent.  

Perivola Traditional Houses Resort
Vedema Resort
Because Santorini has been ranked as one of the best overall islands by Travel + Leisure, WhatAHotel! thinks you simply must stay at one of the Best Hotels in Santorini.  We can help you find luxurious accommodations and when you book with us you can receive exclusive complimentary perks and benefits at select hotels.  One such place is Mystique Santorini where the only thing that rivals the views is the service.  Located on Oia, Santorini's famous cliffs, this hotel has cobblestone pathways, an infinity pool and loads of character.  Visit the Aura Bar for a cocktail or the Charisma Restaurant for some gourmet goodies.  Taste the fabulous wines of the region at the Secret Wine Cave or find relaxation with a treatment at the Spa.  Every need will be met with impeccable elegance at Mystique Santorini.  Next we visit the beautiful Perivola Traditional Houses.  This charming destination provides an intimate and relaxed feel in a truly posh setting.  This resort was built utilizing the history of the area.  Local tradesmen helped to create cave dwellings similar to what the fisherman and farmers used to live in, but with elegant decor and modern conveniences.  Along with the very unique suites guests of the Perivola will find the infinity pool as well as the pool bar and cafe.  Visit the wellness center to burn off the calories from the amazing food provided at the on-site restaurant.   This restaurant is in a converted wine cellar and showcases a seasonal menu with Mediterranean flair.  The grounds are gorgeous and the service amazing so settle in and relax at Perivola Traditional Houses.  Our last location is the majestic Vedema Resort.  Built around a wine cellar that is 400 years old, this alluring hotel captures the look and feel of a classic Greek village.  Here you can find swimming pools, a fitness center as well as the incredible Vedema Spa.  Sip your wine in a unique medieval atmosphere at the Canvas Wine Bar or sit on the volcanic terrace at the Vinsanto Bar and Lounge where you can enjoy a lovely meal with your drink.  For a real treat, head to the elegant Vinsanto Restaurant and indulge in delicious dishes.  Vedema Resort has thought of all of your needs and desires to ensure your trip to Santorini is unforgettable.  With such an unbelievable group of the Best Hotels in Santorini, WhatAHotel! would love to help you choose the right resort for your vacation to ensure your trip is simply spectacular.  

Santorini Cliff Side View
Santorini is known for its white buildings with blue accents, its awe-inspiring sunsets, steep cliffs and marvelous food and wine.  Start planning your escape to the Greek paradise of Santorini and indulge in excellence.  Upon arrival you will be sure that the Greek gods had a hand in the creation of such a ravishing island.  

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