Thursday, March 28, 2013

125 Years of Hotel del Coronado

Hotel del Coronado
The iconic Hotel del Coronado no doubt has a history.  This year it celebrates its 125th birthday with a number of events.  Built on the Coronado Peninsula across the bay from the great city of San Francisco, it was planned to be an amazing seaside hotel that would be the talk of the western United States.  Opening its doors in the late 1800's (when it was thought of as novel to have electric lights in all of the rooms) the hotel showed off its charming grounds, pretty rooms and promised guests warm California temps.  Throughout the years pictures of the hotel have captured the changes in decor and the famous and notable guests that have stayed here.  Take a peek at what was fabulous back in the day and is still enticing today at the idyllic Hotel del Coronado.

Marilyn Monroe Filming at Hotel del Coronado
You can't talk about the Hotel del Coronado's past without looking at the famous guests that stayed here.  Ester Williams, Frank Sinatra, Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz, Charlie Chaplin, Charles Lindbergh and Marilyn Monroe were all photographed while staying here.  Even more exciting was that Marilyn Monroe was here during the filming of the award-winning movie "Some Like It Hot" where the hotel is even seen in parts of the film.  Maybe the most well-known guest wasn't actually famous at all.  Kate Morgan checked in and five days later her body was found dead with a gunshot to the head.  Although there is some controversy regarding the nature of her passing, there doesn't seem to be any disagreement that she never really left.  Today her room is the most requested room and it is said that if you're lucky she might even pay you a visit.  Maybe her reluctance to leave just proves that this hotel is really amazing.  

Poolside at Hotel del Coronado
Today a trip here may not allow you to be involved in a movie production or have a celebrity sighting, but there are many other spectacular ways to exhaust your time.  The dining options at Hotel del Coronado are a real dream come true.  Eat in style at one of the restaurants or go casual and enjoy your meal in the warm sunshine.  Sip wine at the wine bar or have brunch by the sea, there are so many ways to taste the phenomenal food at Hotel del Coronado.  With prime beach location there is no doubt you can sit with your feet in the sand and watch the surf.  The Hotel del Coronado also offers a salon, spa, shopping and many other activities so you will be sure to have limitless possibilities of how to spend your day.  Let's not forget that because the hotel is celebrating 125 years of being open for business this year, you might just be able to enjoy some remarkable and once in a lifetime events during the 2013 year.  Come to Coronado for an unforgettable vacation.              

Black and White Picture of Hotel del Coronado
A quick look at the past and a perusal of the present will prove that you can guarantee any future stay at the Hotel del Coronado will be fantastic.  With an impressive guest list that gets people talking, this red-roofed beauty exudes pure intrigue.  The past comes alive at the beautiful Hotel del Coronado.

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