Monday, March 11, 2013

Adventure Travel Meets Luxurious Resorts

Amangiri Suite and Terrace
Amangiri Poolside
Perched on a lounge chair while taking in the mystery of the ocean that lies in front of you, loving that you have no plans of exerting an ounce of energy during your time here, this is what many think traveling is all about.  Many people lay out an itinerary where their time is completely void of schedules, appointment or time frames,  finally taking the time to relax and breathe in their stunning surroundings.  This is perfection to many that head out on vacation, however some folks are a bit more stir crazy.  Their spirits are unable to sit still and repose and instead they search out the ultimate adventure for their time away from the stresses of everyday.  Just because you desire adventure does not mean you have to deny yourself luxury accommodations.  See what these four elegant hotels offer to their guests with the inability to be still.     
Utah is a most peaceful location, where mountain ranges seem to kiss the sky and vast spans of open area promises not to make you feel isolated but blessed to be able to experience the beauty of your environment.  The Amangiri in Canyon Point, Utah is a 34 suite resort where luxury meets the rugged terrain.  What first looks more like a compound set in the middle of nowhere, turns out to be a contemporary and very chic resort that offers the ultimate in amenities. With windows almost everywhere to bring in the beauty of outdoors, this resort has created a space for those looking for an excursion by day and a nice comfy bed at night. During the day guests of Amangiri can head out to hike the trails, visit the national parks, hit the local waterway for a tour by boat or maybe a breathtaking hot air balloon ride over the resorts 600 acres.  At the end of the day they can then relax with a glass of fine wine and a mouth-watering entree from the impressive resort restaurant.  Isolation never looked so good!                

Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa
Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort Suite
Australia is an extraordinary country with friendly people, unique wildlife and limitless adventure.  The Emirates Wolgan Valley Resort and Spa is located just three hours from Sidney in the city of Lithgow.  This resort is nestled in the famed Australian bush but the incredible grounds are anything but rustic.  Your adventure begins on the 4,000 acre private conservation and wildlife reserve that the resort calls home.  Here the stunning 40 suites provide guests with their own swimming pool, lush interiors and unfathomable service.  The excitement awaits outdoors where guests can go horseback riding, on nature walks, and mountain biking, as well as go on a wildlife safari or historical tour.  This is the perfect place to retreat to when in search of some down time that doesn't include actually sitting down.  The Australian Outback dares you to explore.              

Koa Kea Hotel and Resort Pool 
Koa Kea Hotel Suite
When traveling to Hawaii,  tourists choose an island that will provide them with the vacation of their dreams.  If in search of excitement and adventure, the island of Kauai is the perfect spot for you.  Koa Kea Hotel and Resort is situated on the picturesque Poipu Beach where the sun drenched south shore puts on a show with sensational sunsets, abundant sea life and vibrant native flowers.  121 rooms are found at this boutique hotel providing guests with upscale amenities as well as comfort and exciting activities.  Try out high flying adventure with a helicopter tour or splash around the surf in a kayak.  There is hiking, biking, golf and tons of water activities.  If the beauty and charm of the Hawaiian Islands has always seemed like the ultimate vacation destination, but you also require some lively entertainment, Kauai Island and the Koa Kea Hotel and Resort are ready to welcome you with a posh setting and fantastic weather.

There are people out there that desire an active vacation where keeping busy with unique activities and excursions is far more appealing than the alternative of sitting around being waited on.  Whether you call them adrenaline junkies or thrill-seekers, there is no doubt that their travel plans will not include much lounging by the pool.  If this seems to be your type of travel, check out some of our Best Hotels where we can offer you adventure as well as excellence.  Pack your bags, your trail shoes and your sense of adventure and get ready for the trip that gets your blood pumping and your heart racing.        

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