Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Cherry Blossoms Erupt Around the World

Cherry Blossoms Blooming in D.C.
As a huge snowstorm whips across the United States, dropping inches and maybe feet of snow in its path, we try to remember that spring is just around the corner.  It is not uncommon for the month of March and April to be more winter like than November and December, but the promise of warmer weather and flowers blooming keeps us plowing, literally, through the remainder of winter.  One of the most magnificent things about the awakening of this new season has to be the cherry trees blossoming.  Not only do they paint the once dead landscape with bright beautiful colors, they foreshadow the delicious ruby red berries that will immediately follow.  Washington D.C. is a famed location for viewing this beautiful phenomenon, but cherry blossoms burst open all over the world.  Let's take a peek at the locations that will soon be inundated with these delicate blooms and maybe plan a trip to see the lovely flowers first hand.   

Central Park trees in bloom
New York City is unique in that in the center of massive sidewalks and high rises lies Central Park.  Taking up acres of prime real estate, this park is an oasis amongst concrete and glass.  Although during the winter it can glisten with snow and ice, the spring brings the rebirth of all of the trees, plants and grass that call the park home.  Cherry trees are some of the many types of trees found here, so you can be sure that this park is bursting with color when the blossoms start to erupt.  Four Seasons Hotel New York is located in the perfect spot for not only business travelers and tourists, but also for viewing Central Park.  Request the park view side of the hotel and during spring you will be blessed to see the beauty of the blossoms from high above.

Imperial Palace at Marunouchi in Tokyo
The Japanese culture is known to celebrate the cherry blossom.  It is seen in traditional art, literature, and architecture.  So a trip to the always astonishing Tokyo, Japan when the trees are budding is cause for excitement.  Festivals commemorating the stunning blooms are found pretty much everywhere in Japan, as gardens and parks show-off their bright spring colors.  While any of the Best Hotels in Tokyo will offer you luxury accommodations and impressive service during your stay, the always remarkable Four Seasons Hotel Tokyo at Marunouchi is offering an additional night free along with the exclusive and complimentary perks WhatAHotel! offers to the customers that book with us.  Stay at the Four Seasons and head to the Imperial Palace at Marunouchi to view the spring blooms.  Here you will find classic Japanese architecture made even more captivating by the landscape that surrounds the palace. 

Blossoms on the campus of University of Washington
Another destination that completely changes with the arrival of spring is the usually rainy city of Seattle.  Known for its ever present gloomy skies, this city still captures the hearts of tourists with its culture, spirit and limitless activities.  However, the cloudy skies are at least the backdrop for some rather stunning blossoms.  One landmark that presents a relatively awe-inspiring show is the campus of the University of Washington.  Plan a slow stroll through campus and experience an onslaught of color mingled with the neo-Gothic architecture found on the grounds.  During your time in Seattle, you will want to visit the famous fish market, sip on a locally brewed espresso and stay at one of the Best Hotels in Seattle.  One hotel that is definitely worth trying is The Edgewater, the only luxury hotel on the water in this amazing city.  Experience rustic chic charm and astonishing views in this favorite downtown hotel.

Cherry blossom trees over a charming canal
It is amazing that white, light pink and brilliant pink flowers can be the reason for a festival or even for  travel.  The light pink color that seems to invade Washington D.C. every spring has become a tourist attraction in itself.  If you are intrigued to see the true artistry of the cherry blossom, then heading to D.C. or any of the other amazing destinations will prove to be quite breathtaking.  Head out to view one of Mother Nature's finer moments when spring bursts onto center stage and the cherry trees awaken from their long winter nap.   


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