Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Girls Only Get-Away

Girls Only Getaway
If the idea of getting away with just the girls sounds like a great fun, either on a budget or a splurge, you aren't alone.  It is a common occurrence for a group of friends to head out together, with no spouses or little ones allowed.  Many times these adventures include a spa or beach destination, somewhere that women are dying to explore but are not a huge draw for men and kids.  Let's take a look at a few locations that women are excited to converge upon to enjoy a little girl time.  

Half Moon in Jamaica
Jamaica has long been a honeymoon destination, full of all-inclusive resorts.  But recently Jamaica has sought out a new clientele by bringing in chic boutiques and luxury hotels.  With its tropical climate and close proximity to the continental U.S., Jamaica is an easy travel destination that promises delicious drinks and sandy white beaches.  Although WhatAHotel! features a number of the Best Hotels in Jamaica, one location that offers additional perks is the cozy Half Moon resort.  The beautiful coastal cottage feel of Half Moon is the perfect place to hang with the girls.  Lounge on the patio with a drink in hand or hit the Fern Tree Spa for a facial or massage and feel pampered.  Jamaica will provide the ultimate location for a girls only retreat with all of the bells and whistles.  

Ritz Carlton Montreal
Another charming location is the historic and stylish city of Montreal.  This lovely locale gives guests the laid back and friendly attitude that comes from a Canadian destination with the fashionable and elegant feel of a French hot-spot.  This captivating city has welcomed amazing restaurants, spas and hotels and with such trendy establishments brings very urban chic people.  Stroll or bike through the alluring streets or head out for some fabulous shopping with your friends or hit one of the modern spas that are scattered throughout this dynamic place.  One fantastic location to stay might be the wonderful Ritz Carlton Montreal that promises amazing accommodations and impressive service.  Conveniently located near the city's high-end boutiques, galleries and museums, the Ritz Carlton Montreal is a prime spot for celebrities and heads of state as well as you and your friends   Although not a beach location with cocktails and a humid climate, the city of Montreal with its old world style and cosmopolitan feel will definitely not disappoint.        

Jumeirah Beach Resort at Night
Dubai took center stage in the most recent 'Sex and the City' movie and gave many women the idea that this Middle Eastern oasis might just be a fascinating place to travel to with your favorite friends.  It is fast becoming a popular destination with the promise of opulence and artistry.  This mysterious city may not be a quick excursion, but it will prove completely unforgettable.  Traveling here will provide you and the girls with everything that you could ever want or need; shopping, spas, and limitless activities.  The amazing hotels in Dubai are overtly glamorous as well as enchanting and WhatAHotel! can easily provide you with the perfect hotel with complimentary and exclusive perks and benefits.  The Jumeirah Beach Resort is one hotel that is quite stunning.  Built to mimic the breaking waves of the Arabian Gulf, this luxury resort boasts a marina, dive center, a mile of pristine beach as well as over 20 restaurants, bars and cafes.  When staying here it might be hard to find a reason to even leave the resort grounds.  There is so much to do and see in dazzling Dubai and you and your friends will feel like you've arrived in paradise.  

There is something exciting about traveling with a great group of friends.  While some guys love to head out for a week of golf or a weekend in the casinos, girls desire so much more.  Spas, shopping, mouthwatering menus and festive cocktails are a requirement for any girls get-away, as well as a chic hotel with an elegant and laid back attitude.  Find relaxation and rejuvenation in any of these posh and playful cities,  you and your dearest friends will be sure to have a truly epic adventure.

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