Friday, March 22, 2013

Gorgeous Gardens

Around the world there are places where the quiet calm and seemingly endless beauty is everywhere you look.  Immaculately kept grounds, breathtaking botanicals and works of art that are created out of the natural surroundings are all characteristics of these grounds.  If you have a love of horticulture, art or awe-inspiring creations, plan a visit to one of these amazing gardens and the cities that surround them.  They may have been created decades ago, and in some cases centuries, however they continue to blossom and inspire  visitors even today. 

Chateau de Versailles near Paris
Back in the 17th century, Louis XIV commissioned the creation of the still magnificent Chateau de Versailles, which is just a short drive from Paris, France.  The palace of Versailles was already amazing, but famous French landscape designer Le Notre made it even more stunning by creating a 250 acre garden full of pathways, statues, lakes, flower beds and a canal that was used for gondola rides.  This garden helped to create a setting that made the palace memorable to all who set foot here.  Still today people flock to this palace and garden to stroll through the picturesque grounds and relax in one of the quiet corners.

Powerscourt Gardens in County Wicklow
Just south of Dublin sits a lovely little Irish town that is home to a rather large and grand garden.  Designed in the 18th century and roughly 47 acres, this garden is called the Powerscourt Gardens and is located in County Wicklow, Ireland.  Here guests will find formal walled gardens, waterfalls, shaped ponds, pavilions, urn planters, and much more.  With the Wicklow Mountains as their backdrop, the entire garden and park area is captivating and continues to welcomes visitors from all over the world to admire its beauty.     

Butchart Gardens in Vancouver, British Columbia
Butchart Gardens in Vancouver, British Columbia was not created all that long ago in comparison to the other gardens we've portrayed.  This land was previously owned by Portland Cement and the company only stopped utilizing the land when the quarry was no longer useful.  Around 1904 the owner of the cement company let his wife take up the task of starting a project to make the barren land into a sanctuary. She wanted to revitalize the area, to reuse the land and create something beautiful.  Today it is home to 55 acres of plants and blooms of over 700 varieties, that bloom from March to October.  One look at this colorful park and it would be hard to believe it was once a desolate piece of property.  Today people flock to this garden to be immersed in a flowering masterpiece.    

Villa d'Este in Italy
The Villa d'Este in Tivoli, Italy didn't start out as an Italian villa with a incredible garden, but was made into just that by a Renaissance cardinal that was living in what he considered a gloomy and deteriorating monastery.  Desiring something remarkable, he created a charming villa with stunning grounds featuring a multitude of captivating fountains, towering trees and water filled pools.   Located only 37 minutes from Rome, Tivoli is in a prime location for tourists to venture toward and enjoy the lovely garden.  Today Villa d'Este is listed by UNESCO as one of 31 historical and/or artistic sites in Italy, so a visit here will definitely not disappoint.

If you are traveling to any of these amazing destinations, take some time to visit the gorgeous gardens.  There are many reasons gardens and parks like these draw crowds, the historical factor they have, the grand scale of them, the unfathomable artistry found here and maybe just the quiet calm that people find when walking around the grounds.  Every person that tours these regal estates may come for different reasons, but most will leave feeling in awe of the beauty they observed.  Let WhatAHotel! book your stay at any of the Best Hotels in the area and know that your stay will be filled with amazing amenities, fantastic service and exclusive perks and benefits.  Let us help you find your Garden of Eden and discover the beauty in the world.      

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