Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Great Shelling Beaches

Harbour Island's Pink Sand Beach
When heading out on a beach vacation, there is one treasure you can bring home will cost you nothing, seashells.  Children and adults love to walk along the coastline in search of shells, sand dollars and sea glass that has made its way to shore, although some beaches offer more bounty than others.  So let's look around at some of the best shelling beaches in the US and maybe you can bring home some priceless souvenirs.  

Kauai Marriott Resort
There is no doubt that Hawaii has beautiful beaches and some pretty impressive landscape, but it is also a top destination for shelling.  The picturesque north shore in Kauai, Hawaii is one of the great locations for yielding some stunning shells.  Here Tunnels Beach would be the prime spot showcasing not only shells but a legendary story.  It is thought that this is the site that made the puka shell necklace famous in the 1960's.  While you're here, be sure to go snorkeling just off the coast and view first hand the beauty of the protected reef in the area.  Stay at any of the lovely hotels in Kauai, Lihue or Koloa and enjoy breathtaking accommodations,  traditional Hawaiian fare and impeccable service.

Pink Sands Resort, Bahamas
Eleuthera Island, Bahamas is another fantastic shelling site, known for large piles of shells being left on the beach in the wake of a hurricane.  However if the timing isn't ideal for post storm travel, just a quick snorkel off the coast will find you a variety of coral and shells that would please any treasure hunter.  Although this island isn't a tourist hot-spot, not too far away is the stunning Harbour Island where you can find the Pink Sands Resort.  Here you will discover 3 miles of pink sand that will seem surreal, but prove captivating.  Enjoy pastel colored cottages and cocktails on the sand in the Caribbean paradise of the Bahamas.     

Four Seasons New York City
Though Long Island, New York may not be your first choice when it comes to places to hunt for shells, you will find that not to far from the Big Apple are some absolutely luxurious beaches.  New York City is the perfect destination if you are having a tough time deciding between a beach vacation and a big city getaway.  Hanging out in the city you will be inundated with elegant and sophisticated hotel selections.  WhatAHotel! can find you the perfect place to stay and with a bit of planning you can spend a day or two heading up the coast to enjoy the less crowded beach scene.  Between the North and South fork you will find unspoiled bay scallop shells in abundance, as well as many other riches from the ocean.  So enjoy the best of both worlds and visit New York City, where one day you can be at a show on Broadway and the next dipping your toes in the sand.          

Cavallo Point near Stinson Beach
The beautiful bay area is a top travel destination for many reasons, wine, sports, culture, architecture, design or just some great sightseeing, however shelling should also be added to the list.  The superb Stinson Beach is near San Francisco and presents guests with sand dollars and seashells.  Stay at the nearby Cavallo Point where you can experience style with a mix of history all inside of Golden Gate National Park.  The rugged beauty and amazing seafood restaurants will tempt you to return for an additional day to Stinson Beach, while the amazing accommodations at Cavallo Point will entice you to return year after year.

Stinson Beach
Now that you have read about some of the extraordinary beaches to visit when in search of some of the ocean's riches as well as phenomenal resorts and hotels to stay at while you're there, let WhatAHotel! help you plan your expedition.  When booking your travel with us you are assured that your accommodations will be terrific, but you can also receive exclusive complimentary perks and benefits that set us apart from other online travel sites.  The ocean loves to leave a bit of beauty in its wake, so get your shovels and pails ready and head to the beach for a bit of a treasure hunt.     

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