Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hotels for Art Lovers

Art is subjective.  What one person views as inspirational, another person might remain unmoved.  However, even if you may not find certain pieces to be personally significant, there should still be an appreciation for the time and the spirit that went into the creation.  Art is fascinating to many, which is why in a very competitive hotel and resort market, some establishments have chosen to adorn their walls with notable and impressive  masterpieces.  Read about four of our amazing hotels that will stimulate your senses with their artwork.
Baur Au Lac's Art in the Park Exhibition
Baur Au Lac in Zurich
Baur Au Lac in Zurich, Switzerland is known for being one of the world's best hotels.  Decked out with luxurious rooms and fantastic views of the Alps and Lake Zurich, this hotel easily lures sophisticated guests.  But what makes this a favorite for artists and art aficionado alike is the twice yearly sculpture exhibition that is held outside on the property grounds.  In the winter the snowy backdrop is the ideal setting for the breath-taking art, and in the summer the weather promises perfection.  The line-up of artists includes greats like Robert Indiana, Louise Nevelson, Sol Lewitt and Joan Miro.  This stunning hotel also offers the ability to go on an exclusive tour of the private collection of Buhrle, which includes some of the 20th century's most important artists in French Impressionism and Post-Impressionism.  Check with the concierge and discover the on-site and off grounds wonders in Zurich.

Murals in the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas
Vintage Cigarette Machines that Dispense Art
When planning a trip to Las Vegas, most people are not thinking of which art gallery to peruse or which art exhibition to get tickets to.  However the very chic Cosmopolitan has created a gallery setting that would wow any art lover.  This massive hotel has bright and modern works throughout the entire hotel, including a mural by Kenny Scharf, RETNA, and others as well as a digital art installation by Khorramian. The Cosmopolitan also champions the arts with an artist in residence program and has a partnership with the non-for-profit New York City Art Production Foundation.  Also be sure to check out the casino floor where this lush hotel has a vintage Vegas style cigarette machine that dispenses affordable works of art, only in Vegas would something like this be so cool.  So if in between dancing, gambling and all you can eat buffets you desire just a bit of culture, head to the Cosmopolitan with its artistic flare and discover just one more reason that this hotel is unforgettable.   

Lobby Art at the W South Beach
Pool at the W South Beach
South Beach is another chic location, but with the dramatic history of the area, the influential people that live and vacation here and the glamorous architecture in the city, there is no doubt you can also find galleries all around Miami.  The W South Beach entices guests with fashionable restaurants and an elegant poolside scene, but it also blows visitors away with its incredible selection of museum-worthy art.  The artwork was carefully selected from the 850 pieces in the private collection of Aby Rosen, a co-owner of this fantastic hotel.  Most of the art displayed here are from top modern artists, like Bacon and Warhol and everyone can catch a glimpse of the rather large painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat that is hanging in the lobby.  If you are looking for a stylish hotel on the beach in Miami, with loads of inspiring wall decor, look no further than The W South Beach.   

Le Royal Monceau, Raffles Pool at Night 
Art Gallery at Le Royal Monceau, Raffles
Paris is a city filled with culture and romance, and the art scene here is priceless.  So when you travel to Paris you expect to find great works of art everywhere you look.  Well the gorgeous Le Royal Monceau, Raffles Paris does not disappoint.  The hotel itself is a work of art, recently being renovated by the great Philippe Starck.  In every guest room visitors will find signed photos and handwritten notes on the walls from artists as well as information provided by the hotel's art concierge of  exhibitions in the area that she recommends.  Public spaces shine with sculptures and commissioned pieces and even the lamp shades at Le Royal Monceau, Raffles Paris are stunning pieces.  This cozy and oh so swank hotel will leave you breathless and shines bright in the art filled city that surrounds it.

Now that you know you can travel to an elegant hotel full of amazing amenities, spectacular spas and mouth-watering restaurants and also view some phenomenal works of art, it would be easy to become spoiled.  Sipping tea by a Monet or checking into your room next to a Picasso could become mainstream.  Art lovers unite in excitement that finally our hotel walls are adorned with real works of art, not reproductions or flimsy posters.  Find class, culture and some priceless works of art on your next WhatAHotel! adventure.      

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