Monday, March 25, 2013

Red Haute Rome

Charming Streets in Monti
A long long time ago, Julius Caesar walked the streets of Monti, a district in Rome that is situated next to the Forum and the Colosseum.  Caesar, along with other politicians and gladiators rubbed elbows with the town's ladies of the night when Monti was the city's very own Red-Light district.  Today this neighborhood is hot once again, but with sophisticated people, chic shops, traditional Italian bakeries and overflowing wine bars. See what the new and improved Monti offers up to the visitors of the great city of Rome.

Dining Al Fresco in Monti
Piazza della Modonna dei Moni
When planning your trip to this trendy neighborhood, you will want to head to a few of the area's best landmarks.  The stunning Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore sparkles with a gold ceiling, 5th century mosaics and some impressive biblical wonders.  Taste the Italian treat gelato at Gelateria Fatamorgana, a very creative storefront that offers all-natural treats in some traditional as well as rather adventurous flavors.  Sit and people watch in the Piazza della Modonna dei Moni or dine al fresco at one the the delicious cafes that line the cobblestone streets.  Shop for unique finds at any of the many boutiques or visit San Pietro in Vincoli where you can visit the tomb designed by Michelangelo for Pope Julies II and the very famous Moses statue.  This area of Rome may have once been a bit seedy in nature, but today it shows off its glamour and charming personality to all that are lucky enough to walk through its spectacular streets. 

Hotel Eden's Rooftop Terrace
Westin Excelsior Terrace
With so much history and cultural brilliance in Rome, you can rest assured that when you book your stay at any of the Best Hotels in Rome your surroundings will be fabulous.  The Hotel Eden will enchant you with a prime location, luxury accommodations and impeccable service.  Stay here and experience the magnificent views during your dinner on the rooftop terrace or relax your mind at the hotel's tantalizing spa.  Guests will find every comfort required for a unforgettable stay at the beautiful Hotel Eden.  Another fine choice for your stay while in Rome is the elegant Westin Excelsior.  Known to host celebrities, dignitaries and beloved artists, the Westin Excelsior easily impresses and has found its way onto the Conde Nast Gold List.  You will not leave disappointed from the breathtaking Westin Excelsior unless you choose to not enjoy a treatment at the hotel spa or perhaps forget to satisfy your craving for an authentic mouth-watering Italian meal the the hotel restaurants.  At the Westin Excelsior you will find only the best service and conveniences wrapped up with gorgeous decor and a fashionable location.  Stay at either of these top-notch hotels or at any of the Best Hotels in Rome where you will discover that WhatAHotel can present you with amazing options as well exclusive and complimentary perks and benefits.  Stay in style in Rome with the help of WhatAHotel!.

Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore
When planning your trip to Italy, Rome will easily impress.  But while you take in the ruins that are scattered throughout the city, make sure you visit the once sleazy district of Monti.  Today it has come back to challenge it's past, to create a future that will easily overshadow its once less than stellar reputation.  Visit Magnificent Monti and fall in love with a very real and very posh Italian neighborhood.         

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