Friday, March 15, 2013

Seductive St. Petersburg

Heritage Museum
Moika River Embankment
Named after the strong and fierce Peter the Great, St. Petersburg, Russia is a city of amazing architecture, striking history, and some seriously impressive culture.  Although this lovely metro area was humbled during the Soviet reign, today the city is growing and becoming a refurbished destination with modern and trendy allure.  Travel to St. Petersburg and stay at some of the Best Hotels in the city to discover a unique site with loads of intrigue. 

This enchanting European city has all of the architectural charm that many of the other cities on the continent.  Neoclassical colonnades, historic palaces and cathedrals, not to mention the fabulous museums, restaurants and bars that are scattered across the city.  Travel during the winter months may be chilly, but he glistening snow only adds to the beauty of the stunning destination.  St. Petersburg is home to  some of the world's best ballet and art which in turn seems to have a strong influence on the citizens as well as the tourists.  As if the arts and architecture weren't enough to draw you to this great city, the restaurants, bars and shopping just might.  Food and drink in St. Petersburg is delicious and hearty, while the shopping shows off everything from antiques to chic and fashionable finds.  St. Petersburg will keep you entertained in every category.  The diverse activities and fascinating landmarks will keep you and your travel companions completely mesmerized.

Four Seasons Hotel St. Petersburg
The Church of the Savior On Spilled Blood
Your stay in St. Petersburg can be a truly satisfying when you stay in the Best Hotels in St. Petersburg.  WhatAHotel! provides gorgeous hotels with exclusive and complimentary benefits that will ensure your stay will be complete perfection.  Four Seasons Hotel's have proven to provide experiences of exceptional quality at every one of their locations around the world and the Four Seasons St. Petersburg is no different.  Located inside a 19th century Russian royal palace, this stunning hotel provides premier 5-star quality along with delightful restaurants, and a lovely glass-topped spa.  Situated in the heart of this imperial city, walk to the gardens, cathedrals or theaters and become engrossed in all that is the Russian culture.  Whether you decide to stay at Four Seasons or any of the other fantastic St. Petersburg hotels, know that you accommodations will be relaxing and restorative.

Although during the coldest part of the year the skies are grey and gloomy, the cheerfully painted palaces, cathedrals and museums add a bit of lightheartedness to a serious city.  St. Petersburg is a historical city that is still working to create the ultimate travel destination for tourists.  It's recent years have brought brilliant hotels and restaurants that will only lure guests to come back again.  Travel to Russia's St. Petersburg and find a culturally creative city with a wealth of grace.        


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