Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Simply Spectacular Hotel Beds

If you are looking for a hotel experience where fabulous doesn't end when the sun sets, but only gets better as you head to bed, check out these three fabulous hotels.  Known to have unbelievably great service, amazing amenities and regarded as spectacular in every way, these hotels have upped the ante by creating unique beds for rest and relaxation.  You will be blown away with one look at these remarkable beds, so get ready to rest in style.    

Sleep Under the Stars at Amangiri
Amangiri in Canyon Point, Utah opened it's doors in 2009 on 600 acres in the middle of the Grand Canyon.  This isolated resort has since received numerous awards in many different categories from Best Hotel, Best Spa as well as the Conde Nast Gold List. Guests are thrilled upon arrival to find extravagant accommodations and amenities in this ultra chic desert hotel, however there is one comfort that might just outshine the rest.  The Mesa Pool Suites, 6 in total, feature private plunge pools as well as panoramic views of the breathtaking landscape.  But each room also offers guests the Sky Terrace, a private outdoor bed that allows occupants of the room to lounge under the starry night sky.  The Amangiri has prided itself on the creation of a resort that blends seamlessly with the surroundings as well as ensuring that guests are able to become one with the environment that encircles this amazing compound.  There may not be another place on Earth where sleeping under the stars is quite this luxurious.

Heritage Authors' Suite at Mandarin Oriental Bangkok
If sleeping under the stars is a bit too "outdoorsy" for you, this next hotel might be perfect for you.  The Mandarin Oriental, Bangkok is a decadent hotel filled with opulent decor and like all Mandarin Oriental Hotels all over the world, provides 21st century luxury with oriental charm.  Book your stay in the Heritage Authors' Suite that is located in the original 1876 section of the hotel, and features gilded teak canopy beds with Thai silk sheets.  These are a far cry from the standard double bed accommodations you find at most hotels, and where you can't help but feel like royalty sleeping in these grand beds.     

The Savoy's Very Royal Bed
If you still haven't been hooked by the previous two beds, this next one is sure to impress.  The Savoy in London is a true British icon.  Open since 1889, The Savoy exudes elements of traditional English style and Art Deco glamour.  But along with the star-studded guest list, beautiful furnishings, delightful dining options and the ultimate location, The Savoy also has a suite that absolutely will excite.  The hotel's Royal Suite is everything the name implies, grand and very extravagant.  Taking up the entire fifth floor and boasting views of the river Thames, there is only one bed good enough for a suite this sweet.  The $43,000 canopy bed takes more than 120 man hours to create and includes the cashmere, horse tail and lambs wool filled mattress wrapped in fine linens.  With a bed this amazing, you are assured your rest will be superior.  Stay here and wake up feeling like a million bucks, or at least $43,000. 

Who knew that selecting a double or king room could actually turn out to be so amazing.  Let WhatAHotel! book your stay at any of these three amazing hotels, where a good night's sleep is taken very seriously.  Leonardo da Vinci once said that "A well-spent day brings happy sleep", but in these hotels it might just be the opposite; a great night's sleep brings a very happy day.  So plan a trip to one of these amazing hotels where there is no doubt you will rest best.   

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