Monday, March 18, 2013

South of France Summer

St. Tropez Travel
"I'm summering in the South of France."  Most people would love for that phrase to be coming out of their mouth, however if the chance arises to spend just a week or two there instead of a full summer that would be pretty amazing as well.  Check out some of the fabulous things to do, dishes to eat and places to stay while your time in the South of France, and maybe your summer will be très bon.  

Cannes Travel
When thinking of a trip to the Mediterranean coast  of France, there are always the typical travel hot spots.  The flashy yet chic casinos in Monte Carlo, the ultra rich and very fashionable St. Tropez and let's not forget the city of Cannes that welcomes Hollywood elite to the captivating yearly Cannes Film Festival, all of these locations are fun and fantastic.  But only planning on these few stops will ensure you will miss out on some truly amazing sites.  Head to any of the mouth-watering restaurants and enjoy the delicious food of the area.  One bite and you will understand why this area has fast become a foodie paradise.  Off the coast you will find festivals, beautiful countryside and lovely riverbanks for picnics.  Spending your time on the shores might be amazing, but the inland will prove to be just has entertaining.  

Monte Carlo in Monaco
The Very Chic South of France
With the South of France easily accessible, getting there is quite simple.  Upon arrival you'll need to find one of the Best Hotels and get ready to feel pampered.  Stay in St. Tropez and find luxury hotels with spectacular views of the bay and impressive amenities.  The star-studded city of Cannes shows off its glamour with gorgeous hotels and resorts that promise magnificent service, delicious restaurants, and rejuvenating spas.  And if you want the heart-pounding excitement of Monaco, head to Monte Carlo where casinos, expensive yachts, Formula One racing and overall enchantment welcome you.  Any of these Best Hotels in the South of France will provide you with the adventure and splendor, so find the perfect resort and get ready to find complete bliss.

So maybe your schedule or bank account won't allow for an entire summer in the South of France, but a week can give you the perfect chance to try out all of the sensational attractions that call this part of the world home.  WhatAHotel! would love to help you find the perfect resort for you and your travel buddies that will allow you to enjoy the beauty that is coastal France.  We will not only offer you assistance at finding a fantastic hotel, we can also give you exclusive and complimentary perks and benefits that set us apart from other online travel sites.  Get ready to head south and taste the scrumptious food, delicious wine and warm your skin in the Mediterranean sun, you will surely leave feeling relaxed, refreshed and maybe a bit like a superstar.         


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