Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Support Boston through Travel

Ames Boston
With the recent events surrounding the Boston Marathon, this beloved city has shot to the forefront of the news, unfortunately not for a good reason.  But the people of this historic site have found strength to go on and to be even better then before.  If you find yourself wondering how you can help to strengthen Boston, simply start planning your trip here.  This destination has more to offer then headline catching events.  

Taj Boston
One of the great things about a vacation to Boston is the fact that the locals will be absolutely thrilled to have you in their famous city.  Natives of the Massachusetts town know that there is a chance that travel will drop after the terrible event of April 15, so when you chose to come here, be ready to be embraced.  There are also a plethora of other reasons that Boston is high on the list of great American cities to see.  You can visit Fenway Park for a Red Sox game or stroll through downtown to see the iconic and historical sites of the nation's past.  There are museums, galleries, gardens, aquariums, the zoo and architectural tours that will keep you hopping around town.  It is also in close proximity to Cambridge, so a visit to the amazing campus of Harvard might make you feel a bit more scholarly.  City restaurants will serve up everything from local favorites to award-winning chef designed menus.  You can find everything from chic to notable locations, events and people in the remarkable city of Boston.

Four Seasons Boston
Mandarin Oriental Boston
When planning your vacation, WhatAHotel! would love to locate the prefect place for you to stay during your time in celebrated Boston.  Head to the lovely Ames Boston, located in the historic Ames Building, where modern style meets old world design.  Other options include Boston Harbor Hotel, Fairmont Battery Wharf, Fifteen Beacon Hotel as well as a numerous number of other Best Boston Area Hotels with fine and elegant accommodations as well as exclusive perks when you book your stay through us.  The Four Seasons Hotel Boston is one of our trendy hotels where the benefits are overflowing.  WhatAHotel! is a preferred partner with Four Seasons guaranteeing that your stay will be impeccable as they have a commitment to experiences of exceptional quality.  Four Seasons Hotel Boston gives guests views of the bay as well as prime proximity to many of the amazing landmarks in the area.  Dine on delectable dishes at the restaurants or wash away your worries at the spa, Four Seasons Hotel Boston will leave you feeling like a V.I.P.  These luxury hotels are just one more reason a trip to Boston is well worth your time and money. 

Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel Boston
It is not uncommon for some to shy away from a certain location after a terrifying event.  But allowing the negative of the world around you to change the positive is a tragedy in itself.  Help Boston heal by allowing the proud citizens to share their spirit, determination and beautiful city with you.          

Monday, April 29, 2013

Dorado Beach, a Ritz Carlton Reserve

Restaurant at Ritz Carlton Dorado Beach
In the 1960's Dorado Beach in Puerto Rico was a location where the glamorous and jet-set stayed.  Located just outside San Juan, this beautiful beach beckoned with sun and sand once Laurance Rockefeller opened his RockResorts in 1958.  Just recently the fabulous Ritz-Carlton has opened one of their Reserve Resorts, once again making Dorado Beach "the place to stay in 2013."

Room with a View
Dorado Beach, a Ritz Carlton Reserve  has inspired a resort where everything you see is exceptional, starting with the prime location.  Situated in a spot where enjoying the big city life of San Juan is easily accessible, but the privacy of a luxurious beach resort is offered as well.  First you have to know that every single room sits directly on the beach.  Not just the suites or villas, but every room and the beach that awaits guests is 3 miles of captivating coastline.  Stay in your room and enjoy distinctive decor with all of the other bells and whistles.    

Su Casa at Ritz Carlton Reserve Dorado
One of the rooms at Se Casa
One of the most intriguing locations on the property has to be Su Casa, the crown jewel of Dorado Beach.  Su Casa is the restored Spanish Hacienda that was originally built in the 1920's.  Ritz-Carlton lovingly rehabilitated this structure to its original glory and today it boasts four spacious guest rooms, a very elegant living room, a gorgeous dining room and a spacious outdoor veranda and infinity pool.  This plantation home was at its prime when Rockefeller owned the property and today travel experts seem to think it is one of the greats when it comes to new accommodations.  Stay where old style meets modern convenience at Su Casa, beachfront at Ritz Carlton Reserve Dorado Beach.
Poolside at Dorado Beach
Treehouse Treatment room at Dorado's Spa Botanico
The other things that make Dorado Beach, a Ritz Carlton Reserve  a top-notch vacation site are the amenities tourists will find upon arrival.  On the acres of land guests will discover 3 golf courses, tennis courts, the Rockefeller Nature trail and a wide variety of water sports and activities.  If rest and relaxation are on the agenda, Spa Botanico is a 5 acre facility 
inspired to pamper guests with spa treatments utilizing nature and traditional Puerto Rican ingredients.  The many pools around the resort call for travelers to take a dip while the fitness center will make it impossible to miss a workout.  No matter what you do during your time here, you will no doubt work up an appetite, and the on-site restaurants aim to please.  They too are situated right on the beach allowing guests to never have to stray far from an incredible view.  Menus reflect the local heritage as well as implement inspiration from the Caribbean, Spanish and American cuisine.  Tempt your tastebuds at Dorado Beach, a Ritz Carlton Reserve.    

This posh resort is surrounded by 1400 acres of isolated natural beauty giving guests a breathtaking landscape and the shoreline that hugs one side of the property gives amazing access to spectacular views.  Ritz Carlton has created their Reserve Resorts in hopes that guests will discover cultural riches and extraordinary possibilities.   Visit their very first location in the Americas where the voyage of discovery will be infused in indulgence and only your imagination will limit your revelations.          

Friday, April 26, 2013

Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic

Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic
A summer vacation filled with white sand beaches, drinks with colorful umbrellas and a lounge chair placed in the perfect location are all things that should be at the top of your vacation check-list. But if you are looking for an invigorating destination where adventure is as easily accessible as relaxation, look no further than Casa de Campo.  Situated on the Caribbean Island of the Dominican Republic, this luxurious locale is overflowing with activities to keep your warm weather journey exciting.

Lovely Room at Casa de Campo
Casa de Campo
The Dominican Republic is fast becoming a favorite destination for honeymoons, family vacations and girlfriend getaways and the Casa de Campo resort has taken the time to ensure that it can accommodate all that desire to take a trip here. This location is classic elegance with amazing style. All of the rooms and suites are stunningly chic yet remain cozy.  If traveling with a larger group, the villas give space and home-like comforts.  The spa will rejuvenate and the pool will cool your sun warmed skin.  Getting hungry is an issue easily remedied when you head to one of the on-site bars or restaurants or head into town where the Dominican Republic presents guests with delightful and delicious meals.  

All of these things will easily impress guests, but one thing that makes Casa de Campo stand out are the amazing activities that it promotes and provides tourists.  Guaranteeing guests to have a new diversion for every day your away, Casa de Campo has a diverse number of sports.  Starting with the obvious water sports, know that with the prime beach location, this regal resort has tons of options for water required play.  Lovers of the links will find this island paradise has a number of courses that are championship sized and professionally designed.  There are also tennis courts and hiking tours. If you are feeling really adventurous, try out the shooting range or head to the resort's horse stables for polo, a pony ride, riding lessons or even equestrian jumping, a very unique way to spend time in the tropics.  

Poolside in the Dominican Republic
Vacation can be about sitting and taking in your surroundings or getting your pulse pounding with action packed days.  However you chose to let loose and take away the stresses of everyday life is up to you, but let WhatAHotel! help you find the hotel that will provide the perfect destination to do just that. With added exclusive complimentary perks and benefits, there is no doubt that your time at any of our select hotels and resorts will be divine.  Get ready for fun filled days in the beautiful Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic.                   


Thursday, April 25, 2013

Elegant Hotels

Today it seems the world has gone casual, not that that is necessarily a bad thing.  Hotels and resorts have created places that are beautifully stylish but completely comfortable, giving guest the ability to feel at home even while they are away.  But a few locations have remained true to a more elegant past, maintaining more traditional dress codes.  If you are a lover of classic values and glamorous surroundings, travel to these stunning locations where still today expectations of appropriate dress are still around.    

Asford Castle in Ireland
Upon approach to the stately Asford Castle in Ireland, you can't deny that it exudes grace.  If a gentleman comes to dinner without the required jacket, the maître d’ will kindly escort the man out to find a suitable coat that will fit him from the stash he has in the back.  Although the rest of hotel may not commit to this strict standard, enjoying dinner in the dining room requires proper attire.  The historic Asford Castle has been around since 1228, and since then has welcomed guests with an element of class.  With beautiful views, golf, fishing and other fun activities  not to mention wonderful rooms and amenities, guests that stay here will be sure to enjoy their stay. 

Gstaad Palace in Switzerland
Gstaad Palace in Switzerland is yet another elegant hotel where refinement and panache are everywhere you look.  The palace has earned the reputation for discretion and spectacular service that has enticed distinguished guests for years.  Traditional Swiss meals aren't the only thing tourists can expect when heading to dinner here.  A sign at the entrance asks guests to leave their coats in the cloakroom, and although stated in a very pleasant manner, they take the rule quite seriously.  The cluttered look of large coats laying over the back of a chair or on the floor around the table is unacceptable.  If gentlemen diners forget their suit coat, never fear, the fabulous restaurant at Gstaad Palace is happy to loan you one.        

The Ritz London Long Gallery
The Ritz London is an iconic hotel that has graced the streets of London since 1906.  Known not only in London, but all over the world as one of the finest hotels, this location promises guests sumptuous suites,  impeccable service and amenities that seem limitless.  The dining rooms here are of course dripping in glamour.  Very recently The Ritz London allowed male patrons to enjoy breakfast in the Long Gallery without a coat and tie.  However, once breakfast is over, all bets are off.  Lunch, afternoon tea and most definitely dinner are coat and tie mandatory.

Taj Mahal New Delhi Dining
The Taj Mahal is one of the most prestigious addresses in India and the Taj Mahal New Delhi is just as fabulous.  A favorite meeting place for dignitaries and diplomats, the Taj Mahal New Delhi doesn't usually have an issue with guests wearing a jacket and tie.  If you would like to dine here but forgot the mandatory attire, ask the hotel's concierge who would love to pick up a jacket for you at the local market.  Other amazing conveniences found here are a world-class spa, fashionable rooms and suites and flawless service.    

Villa d'Este in Italy
When you think lakeside you may not think black tie, but the lovely Villa d'Este in Italy challenges that common thought.  Located on the famous Lake Como, this hotel expects guests to dress appropriately during dinner.  If you forgot your tie,  Villa d'Este has a large selection of silk ties, in every color, for guests to borrow.  With Como's rich history in the silk industry, if you forgot to pack your tie you may just want to head to the charming shops in the area to purchase a silk tie to take home as a souvenir.  This former aristocratic residence has welcomed guests since 1873, so there is no doubt that a stay here will be remarkable.           

Although most people don't feel intimidated by wearing flip-flops and sweatpants when entering a hotel lobby or when grabbing a bite to eat at the on-site breakfast cafe, some hotels are starting to expect more.  They may not ask you to wear a suit and tie for brunch, but at dinner you had better be ready with a jacket and no jeans.  In the past when people traveled they dressed to impress, today you'll find travelers in less dressy attire.  If you dream of a dinner where elegance is mandatory, let WhatAHotel! book your stay at one of these gorgeous hotels, suit and tie required. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cheeca Lodge and Spa

Cheeca Lodge and Spa in Islamorada
Florida is a dream destination in the U.S., full of palm trees, tropical temps and stunning beaches.  A little farther south sits the Florida Keys, a location that although still considered to be a part of Florida is more closely comparable to many of the Caribbean Islands.  If you desire to head to the beach but don't want to leave the states, take a look at the lovely Islamorada, where low-key lifestyle and luxury awaits. 

Cheeca Lodge and Spa in Islamorada
Suite at Cheeca Lodge and Spa
If the goal for your beach vacation is to rest, relax and pretty much do nothing, then Islamorada is the perfect place for you.  This island village is very laid back and casually elegant.  But even with very little going on here, there are still plenty of things to do during your visit.  With the prime location, water activities are high on the list of adventures that await.  Snorkeling, scuba diving, fishing and boating are all easily accessible here, so pack your water wings and get ready to get wet.  Art and design are popular here, and there are shops and galleries located here that inspire guests.  Of course tourists can visit the local surf shops and tropical boutiques or grab a drink or dinner at one of the delightful restaurants and bars scattered around.  Spas, sightseeing and golfing are also available here, so just in case your relaxation leads to boredom, Islamorada has plenty of activities available to keep every visitor very happy.  

Cabanas Located Poolside
Discover Relaxation at Cheeca Lodge and Spa
The Cheeca Lodge and Spa is a WhatAHotel! exclusive resort in the Islamorada area and your stay here will prove remarkable.  Situated on 27 acres of land that is directly on the Atlantic Ocean, guests are able to utilize 1,200 feet of palm lined beaches, both fresh and saltwater pools and a world-class spa.  Add to that the amazing dining options, golf, tennis and water sports galore, Cheeca Lodge and Spa really has thought of everything you might ever want and need while on vacation.  Rooms and suites are comfortable yet stylish and filled with modern amenities.  Even the common areas are welcoming, Cheeca Lodge and Spa has created spaces that can be used by guests only adding to the charm of this posh tropical location.  Both family friendly and romantic, this resort has created an atmosphere where everyone can be content.   

Romantic Beach Setting
WhatAHotel! is proud to offer guests complimentary perks and benefits when booking your travel with us.  Stop searching for the perfect location to spend your summer vacation and plan your trip to the Florida Keys.  Whether you are traveling alone, with friends or with kids, the Cheeca Lodge and Spa is ready present you with a carefree vacation that includes all of the bells and whistles.    

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Norfolk Hotel

Adventure and Style in Nairobi
At one time travel to Nairobi was for tourists looking to enjoy the thrill of a safari, but today chic hotels and boutiques have popped up transforming this once "pass through" town into a thrilling destination.  WhatAHotel! offers insight into all the great ways to spend your time in Nairobi as well as the Best Hotel, Fairmont The Norfolk Hotel, in this interesting town.  Get ready for an adventure of stylish proportion in Nairobi.  

Fairmont The Norfolk Hotel
Cin Cin Wine Bar at Norfolk Hotel
Fairmont The Norfolk Hotel is a haven of tranquility and welcomes business travelers as well as vacationers on their way to a safari adventure.  All of the rooms are plush and comfortable, ready to rest the weary heads of guests.  During their time here, patrons will find countless amenities that will ensure their stay will be remarkable.  The spa includes the heated outdoor pool as well as a sauna, steam room and treatment rooms for guests.  There is also a state-or-the-art fitness center that will guarantee a workout won't be missed during your time here.  Dining at Fairmont The Norfolk Hotel is also quite marvelous.  Five diverse restaurants are located here offering unique menus for every taste.  The poolside restaurant can feed the masses in the sunlight while the wine bar and tea room offer up sips of scrumptious drinks.  The restaurants are ready to provide the perfect dish to satisfy the hunger of even the most finicky guest.  Fairmont The Norfolk Hotel is glamour amongst the barren terrain found in much of Kenya.     

Open Air Cafes in Nairobi
Terrace Cafe in The Norfolk Hotel
The town of Nairobi was literally built up around Fairmont The Norfolk Hotel, which is still a popular starting point for many that travel here for safari.  But with so many other activities in Nairobi, safari isn't the only reason to travel here.  Creativity has exploded here and with that growth has come some unique shops, food and galleries.  High-end shopping malls sell tribal-chic dresses and incredible jewelry made my local artisans.  The art and design in the area promotes all of the local artists, and several galleries are located throughout the city to showoff the beautiful works.  You can't travel to a new locale and not taste the fine food of the area.  Kenyans are proud of their heritage and their food is flavorful and delicious.  Tapas bars, bistros, and grills are everywhere serving menus that will prove unforgettable.  Let's not forget that Africa is a continent that inspires winemakers, so travel here will expose tourists to the wines of the area in many of the tasting rooms and restaurants.  This travel location is fast becoming a remarkable destination that provides guests with the trip of a lifetime.        

Fairmont The Norfolk Hotel opened its doors and has played an important role in the history of Kenya.  Still today it remains the finest hotel in Nairobi, and WhatAHotel! can also offer you exclusive perks and benefits when booking your stay with us.  Whether searching for an exquisite hotel that will offer impressive shelter before a safari journey or just looking to travel to an interesting and new destination, Nairobi and the Fairmont The Norfolk Hotel are ready to welcome you with a bit of allure and loads of finesse.  

Monday, April 22, 2013

Best and Beautiful Train Stations

St. Pancras International, London
Years ago train travel was the way to get from point A to point B.  Before air travel got us to our destination in less time, the train was the "it" way to get around.  In those days the train stations that were built were truly remarkable, with intricate details similar to cathedrals.  Most were built in the late 19th century during the golden age of train voyage and impressed the wanderlust with glamour and intrigue.  Take a tour of some of the world's most breathtaking stations that were, and in some cases still are, "the place to be".

Sirkeci Station, Istanbul
Gare du Nord, Paris
Atocha Station, Madrid
It should come as no surprise that the first place we visit is Europe.  Known for stunning architecture and world-renowned landmarks, Europe is home to a few of these phenomenal train stations.  First St. Pancras International, London which is Neo-Gothic in style and was impressive when it opened its doors back in 1868.  Sadly, time took its toll on this iconic building, so recently a rather pricey renovation took place to restore it to it's previous glory.  Today it stands as one of the city's more beautiful Victorian sites.   Built in the late 1800's Sirkeci Station, Istanbul was a terminal for the Orient-Express, the train that took travelers from Paris to Istanbul.  This Art Nouveau structure has red brick accents and a rosette stained-glass window that welcomes guests.  Today there is even a once yearly excursion where restored 1930's coaches take patrons along the historic path.  Paris is also quite famous for its impressive architecture and the Gare du Nord, Paris does not disappoint.  Still today it remains one of the busiest and most pristine stations in all of Europe.  The exterior boasts 23 statues while the interior filters sunlight through the space creating a lovely ambiance.  Last but definitely not least is the Atocha Station, Madrid.  A new terminal was opened back in 1992, so the original building was converted into a beautiful garden, nightclub and a few charming cafes.  The garden is full of tropical plants and palm trees that reach toward the steel and glass roof above them, while the the cafes entice travelers to indulge in some delectable treats while waiting for their train.  All of these European stations will prove that beautiful architecture and design is not only meant for religious and government buildings.    

Southern Cross Station, Melbourne
A bit farther south in Australia sits another gorgeous station, the Southern Cross Station, Melbourne.  Once called the Spencer Street Station, this newly remodeled and newly named  locale was modernized in 2005.  The roof, which stretches one city block, looks like a flowing blanket of air above the travelers heads.  The roof looks modern and sleek, but there is function behind it.  The high domes capture the fumes from below and release them outside, almost like a breathable canopy.  To see where this station started, travel to the western end of the building and view a mural showing the history of station.  Old meshes beautifully with new in Australia.      

Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai
Kuala Lumpur Railway Station, Malaysia
Mumbai and Kuala Lumpur are not always thought of as locations with magnificent architecture, but by overlooking them you would surely miss out.  Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, Mumbai was actually designed by a British architect in combination with local craftsmen.  The idea was to blend traditional Indian architecture with a Victorian Gothic Revival.  Today millions of commuters use the station daily making it a vital part of the local business community.  Kuala Lumpur Railway Station, Malaysia was built back in the early 1900's and the style is absolutely unique.  The station is white with a Moorish style and although it is no longer used as the main station, that was taken over by the KL Sentral station back in 2001, it still supports commuter traffic.  Both of these gorgeous train stations help to create a sense of beauty among the stresses of daily rush hour travel.  

Union Station, Washington DC
Union Station, Los Angeles
Grand Central Terminal, New York City
Although the U.S. may not be as famous as Europe for its rich architectural history, there are some rather legendary locations where the landmarks are spectacular.  Washington D.C. has a large number of monuments, buildings and memorials that are known worldwide.  The Union Station, Washington D.C. may not be the top tourist destination when traveling to D.C., but the stop proves to be worthwhile.  It was built in the early 20th century in a Beaux-Arts style.  Modeled after Roman masterpieces, it is finished with white granite, mahogany and gold leafing.  It is a setting so lovely that even a few presidential inaugural balls have been held here.  The other important Union Station is the one found in Los Angeles.  Built to incorporate the prominent Spanish Colonial heritage of the area as well as the Art Deco style that was popular at the time, this stunner has a tall white bell tower on the outside and painted wood ceilings as well as inlaid marble floors on the inside.  Our last US location that captures the attention of many tourists is the Grand Central Terminal in New York City.  Also created in a Beaux-Arts style, the exquisite detail can be seen in every feature throughout the space.  Guests will have a difficult time determining which detail is their favorite, from the 42nd street facade's Tiffany clock to the information booth located in the main concourse that is famous in its own right with a clock tower that has four faces.  There is always the domed blue ceiling that is studded with fiber-optic stars that also mesmerizes tourists and travelers alike.  So much to see in these dazzling U.S. train stations. 

Whether you have a love of history, transportation, architecture or just enjoy touring breathtaking landmarks, you will not be disappointed when stopping at any of these gorgeous spots.  Let WhatAHotel! help to find you the Best Hotel in the city of your choice where you will be sure to have a splendid trip.  Train travel may not be the quickest way to get to where you're going, but if you get to spend a few minutes in any of these lavish stations, it might prove to be the most enjoyable.      

Friday, April 19, 2013

Best Hotel Restaurant Views

Gramercy Terrace in New York City
Imagine being on vacation, in a fascinating city, while sipping a glass of wine and taking in the view of the breathtaking landscape that surrounds you; what a great way to spend an evening.  Hotels and restaurants know the importance of having chic places for people to hang out and enjoy dinner with friends.  All over the world there are bars and restaurants with views that promise patrons a good drink, a delicious meal and a sophisticated setting all with an unforgettable view.

Gaja Restaurant at Swissotel The Bosporus, Istanbul
Our first few locations are restaurants with a city skyline view, but they are also hot-spots for both tourists and locals alike.  The Gramercy Park Hotel is located in a town with a truly iconic view, New York City.  Situated 17 stories above the busy city streets sits the Gramercy Terrace.  Promising views of both the stars and the impressive skyline, this terrace offers breakfast, lunch and cocktails during normal days, but can also be reserved for private parties.  Another sky high restaurant is the Gaja Restaurant, located on the roof of the Swissotel The Bosporus, Istanbul.  Here guests can dine on a contemporary menu with an extensive wine list and superb views of the surrounding city.  Chicago is a mid-western town with a sophisticated attitude and its skyline is called magnificent for a very good reason.  The luxurious Peninsula Hotel Chicago adds to the character of this inspiring landscape and on the rooftop you'll find one of the city's best Chinese restaurants, Shanghai Terrace.  Offering up exquisite food and delightful drinks, this restaurant shows off with amazing views of the north side of Chicago.  Find big city chic with a noteworthy perspective at these Best Hotels!     

On The Rocks at Eden Rock St. Barths
Le Sirenuse Champagne and Oyster Bar
Our next two destinations are great cities with a tropical twist.  St. Barts is an island in the Caribbean that calls to the distinguished traveler.  Eden Rock St. Barths is one of the resorts in the area that has a restaurant with an incredible view.  Called On The Rocks, this establishment may not give guests a view of unending city lights, it does give a glimpse of a starry night with the sounds of waves crashing against the shore.  Known as a old Hollywood hotel, this glamorous locale will absolutely blow you away.  Not quite a restaurant and not quite a bar, our next exclusive hotel showcases the beautiful Champagne and Oyster bar.  Le Sirenuse in Positano, Italy gives guests a view that is postcard perfect.  Le Sirenuse is situated on the hillside overlooking the Bay of Positano on the Amalfi Coast and the view is everything you would have hoped for on a coastal Italian vacation.  Take to the tropics and enjoy fine food, drink and scenery at some of the Best Hotels by the Sea.  

The Peninsula Hotel Chicago, Shanghai Terrace
Traveling allows people to slow down and take in the stunning scenery, and a glass of wine with a great meal only adds to the already captivating setting.  Booking your hotel at one of the Best Hotels will allow you to receive exclusive complimentary perks and benefits that set us apart from other online travel sites.  Let WhatAHotel! find you the perfect place to sit back, relax and feast on some amazing views.     

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Best Pools, Best Hotels

A hotel pool is a favorite amenity among guests, sometimes it can be the main reason a guest books a stay at a certain establishment.  Regardless of age, the pool facility can be an important part of hotel and resort stay.  If the resort location is in a tropical setting, the outdoor pool is quintessential to guests looking forward to spending the day resting, and relaxing by the pool and being pampered by the poolside waiters.    If the climate is less favorable, the indoor pools are great ways to get a workout in or wash away the stress of the day.  WhatAHotel! has a large number of impressive and luxurious hotels with some pretty fantastic pools.  Let's take a look at these locations that will tempt you with their watery retreat.    

Park Hyatt Sydney in Australia
The beautiful Park Hyatt Sydney in Australia is a spectacular hotel featuring suites with floor-to-ceiling glass that shows off the views of the harbor and the iconic Sydney Opera House, commissioned artwork from local sculptors, painters and photographers and mouth-watering menu items at the restaurants and bars that are on-site.  Even with all of these amazing features, the roof-top pool stands out as truly amazing.   Heated so that it can be used even when the weather isn't warm, it also has a hot-tub, private cabanas and panoramic views of the city and harbor.  Guest at the Park Hyatt Sydney can spend the day literally on top of the world, relaxing and taking in the landscape.

The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna
Situated on one of Vienna's most elegant boulevards, The Ritz-Carlton, Vienna is made up of historic palaces and promises guests luxury in one of Europe's most beautiful cities.  This amazing hotel provides patrons with stunning decor, a culturally significant setting and  impeccable service.  It also presents guests with and indoor pool that is fabulous.  The pool is 18 meters long and seems to mix contemporary design with a traditional feel.  The other intriguing feature is that this pool has underwater music.  Swimming laps cannot get redundant when you have built-in entertainment; very state-of-the-art and very chic.

Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort in St. Lucia
Monastero Santa Rosa, Amalfi Coast
Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort in St. Lucia is a famous location and one that we just featured a few days ago.  This exclusive resort has proved itself spectacular, and so it is no surprise that it has a breathtaking pool that welcomes guests.  It also has some smaller private plunge pools that are located outside several of the elegant suites and villas.  You'll have a difficult time deciding between lounging on the beach with your toes in the sand or poolside where every need is met by the hotel's attentive staff.  Tropical paradise awaits in St. Lucia.    

Another coastal escape that is proud of their on-site pool is Monastero Santa Rosa located on the picturesque Amalfi Coast.  They have what has fast become a preferred type of pool, the infinity pool.  In fact, this fabulous hotel claims to have the most dramatic pool on the entire coast.  The pool is set seamlessly into the cliff of Monte San Pancrazio, giving the sense that it blends into the sea.  Everything at this remarkable resort is elegant and impressive, so your stay here will no doubt be amazing.  But a chance to swim in this interesting pool will be unforgettable.  This is quite simply a trip too good to be true.   

Four Seasons Shanghai, Pudong
Our last resort is a Preferred Partner with WhatAHotel!, the always fabulous Four Seasons Shanghai, Pudong.  Shanghai is a fascinating location, full of intrigue and pulse-pounding excitement.  So it really isn't a surprise that Four Seasons has created a pool for their hotel that will match the appeal of city that surrounds it.  This pool is surprising, located indoors with an infinity edge, but situated in front of full length windows so there is an unobstructed view of Shanghai's brilliant skyline.  It will prove to be completely awe-inspiring, a lot like the entire Four Seasons Shanghai, Pudong.

There is something completely fabulous about sitting poolside, relaxing with a good book or sipping on a scrumptious cocktail.  With all of the stresses that every day life brings, it is nice to get away and have nothing expected of us.  Because of this fact, hotels and resorts work tirelessly to find ways for their guests to enjoy the time they spend at the hotel and hope that they will return.  The pools are proof that hotels are listening to guests and creating places for leisure and play.  Let WhatAHotel! help you find the perfect pool for you and your travel companions to ensure your vacations is absolute perfection.