Thursday, April 25, 2013

Elegant Hotels

Today it seems the world has gone casual, not that that is necessarily a bad thing.  Hotels and resorts have created places that are beautifully stylish but completely comfortable, giving guest the ability to feel at home even while they are away.  But a few locations have remained true to a more elegant past, maintaining more traditional dress codes.  If you are a lover of classic values and glamorous surroundings, travel to these stunning locations where still today expectations of appropriate dress are still around.    

Asford Castle in Ireland
Upon approach to the stately Asford Castle in Ireland, you can't deny that it exudes grace.  If a gentleman comes to dinner without the required jacket, the maître d’ will kindly escort the man out to find a suitable coat that will fit him from the stash he has in the back.  Although the rest of hotel may not commit to this strict standard, enjoying dinner in the dining room requires proper attire.  The historic Asford Castle has been around since 1228, and since then has welcomed guests with an element of class.  With beautiful views, golf, fishing and other fun activities  not to mention wonderful rooms and amenities, guests that stay here will be sure to enjoy their stay. 

Gstaad Palace in Switzerland
Gstaad Palace in Switzerland is yet another elegant hotel where refinement and panache are everywhere you look.  The palace has earned the reputation for discretion and spectacular service that has enticed distinguished guests for years.  Traditional Swiss meals aren't the only thing tourists can expect when heading to dinner here.  A sign at the entrance asks guests to leave their coats in the cloakroom, and although stated in a very pleasant manner, they take the rule quite seriously.  The cluttered look of large coats laying over the back of a chair or on the floor around the table is unacceptable.  If gentlemen diners forget their suit coat, never fear, the fabulous restaurant at Gstaad Palace is happy to loan you one.        

The Ritz London Long Gallery
The Ritz London is an iconic hotel that has graced the streets of London since 1906.  Known not only in London, but all over the world as one of the finest hotels, this location promises guests sumptuous suites,  impeccable service and amenities that seem limitless.  The dining rooms here are of course dripping in glamour.  Very recently The Ritz London allowed male patrons to enjoy breakfast in the Long Gallery without a coat and tie.  However, once breakfast is over, all bets are off.  Lunch, afternoon tea and most definitely dinner are coat and tie mandatory.

Taj Mahal New Delhi Dining
The Taj Mahal is one of the most prestigious addresses in India and the Taj Mahal New Delhi is just as fabulous.  A favorite meeting place for dignitaries and diplomats, the Taj Mahal New Delhi doesn't usually have an issue with guests wearing a jacket and tie.  If you would like to dine here but forgot the mandatory attire, ask the hotel's concierge who would love to pick up a jacket for you at the local market.  Other amazing conveniences found here are a world-class spa, fashionable rooms and suites and flawless service.    

Villa d'Este in Italy
When you think lakeside you may not think black tie, but the lovely Villa d'Este in Italy challenges that common thought.  Located on the famous Lake Como, this hotel expects guests to dress appropriately during dinner.  If you forgot your tie,  Villa d'Este has a large selection of silk ties, in every color, for guests to borrow.  With Como's rich history in the silk industry, if you forgot to pack your tie you may just want to head to the charming shops in the area to purchase a silk tie to take home as a souvenir.  This former aristocratic residence has welcomed guests since 1873, so there is no doubt that a stay here will be remarkable.           

Although most people don't feel intimidated by wearing flip-flops and sweatpants when entering a hotel lobby or when grabbing a bite to eat at the on-site breakfast cafe, some hotels are starting to expect more.  They may not ask you to wear a suit and tie for brunch, but at dinner you had better be ready with a jacket and no jeans.  In the past when people traveled they dressed to impress, today you'll find travelers in less dressy attire.  If you dream of a dinner where elegance is mandatory, let WhatAHotel! book your stay at one of these gorgeous hotels, suit and tie required. 

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