Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hotel Safety and Security

Boston Skyline
On Monday, a tragedy hit Boston during the running of the world famous Boston Marathon.  This incident is devastating for so many reasons; people lost their lives while watching and waiting for a loved one to compete in an amazing and life changing event, runners were prevented from finishing a race that they had trained for for months if not years, and the general public becomes terrified that their security is as risk.  These are just a few of the after-effects of this terrifying explosion.  As people gather and discuss the situation, they start to relate the incident to their own lives, they worry about future plans of travel and their overall safety.

London, England
Officials suggest over and over again that we cannot let the terrorists win, that we should continue to live our lives.  Although they ask for us to be more aware of our surroundings, authorities hope that we don't change our plans out of fear.  Unwilling to let the "bad people" win, the majority of people continue to go about their lives, going ahead with pre-arranged plans.  What does reassure us is that many of the public places we find ourselves in are also being vigilant and adding additional security to ensure our safety.  An area that increases security behind the scenes are the hotels and resorts, especially in places with upcoming important events.  Hotels in Boston elevated security on Monday, even asking for guests to stay safe in their rooms right after the bombing happened.  New York City as well as Washington DC, being targeted areas in the past, have heightened security at their hotels as well.  But other cities and countries are looking to do the same.  With the very public funeral of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher being held this week, London has upped security all over the city.  Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas, Atlanta and many other major metro areas are monitoring events closely and that includes the hotel and resorts that are located in these areas.  Safety of citizens is of utmost importance, so even though you may not see the added protection or increased manpower, it is there quietly keeping you safe.  When planning your trip to one of the Best Hotels let WhatAHotel! ease your fears by providing you accommodations at top notch hotels that take your safety very seriously.

New York City Skyline
Spring is here and all over the country sporting events, concerts, festivals and marathons are being held in public places.  After such a brazen attack, you can bet that every open venue, airport and hotel in popular areas are being monitored and are on high alert.  April 15, 2013 will forever be a date with a tragic twist, a day that changed the lives of many, forever.  With many people planning their summer vacations, remember that you may not see all of the safety precautions that are in place, but there are people working tirelessly ensuring that your travels end in the happiest of ways.        

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