Monday, April 8, 2013

Night Time Cities

There are morning people and there are night owls.  Some people love to watch the sunrise, jumping out of bed as the sun rises to get their day started while others are later to rise but love to spend time in the night air.  If you tend to love the darker side of things, check out some of the cities that thrive when the sun goes down. 

Hotel Arts Barcelo
Barcelona is a stunning setting and is Spain's second largest metro area.  But what tourists will discover upon arrival in this city filled with Art Nouveau and modern architecture, is that dining prior to 10 pm is considered very unrefined.  Other then a late dinner, visitors to Barcelona can enjoy the Park Gruell where just before dusk the Jean Nouvel designed tower is illuminated and quite a sight.  Other night sites include a stroll through Barri Gotic where guests can encounter tapas bars and nightclubs or the more sophisticated Passeig de Gracia scene.  Although WhatAHotel! can offer great deals at some of the Best Hotels in Barcelona, the beautiful Hotel Arts Barcelona sparkles with award-winning dining, breathtaking views of the Mediterranean and an unforgettable spa.  With such a magnificent hotel it may be difficult to decide whether to spent your evenings out on the town or hanging out in your hotel.

Las Vegas Strip at Night
New York City Times Square
Las VegasMiami and New York are all US hot-spots that shine at night.  All three locations are fun by day but positively radiant in the evening.  These three cities are located in different parts of the U.S., so pick the destination suits you best and get ready to enjoy an epic nightlife.  Las Vegas shows off with over the top hotels that are pure works of art.  Even if you don't gamble, a walking tour through the Vegas hotels will prove thrilling.  Miami has the heat of the beach and the cool breezes from the ocean to create an ambiance unlike any other city.  Hotels here are sophisticated and very posh and the evenings are exciting.  And lastly there is New York City, where fashion and finesse are found wherever you look.  Here hotels are ultra elegant and compared to the other two cities, a bit understated.  All three cities love to welcome tourists and are proud of the nightlife that they offer up.  These three locations light up the night in every way.  

Montreal Hotels
French speaking Montreal buzzes during the summer evening with festivals and fireworks.  The nights during the months of June to October are lively and pulse-pounding.  Here tourists can take advantage of adult and family-friendly entertainment.  Old Montreal is great for after-work cocktails while Blvd St-Laurent is loud and boisterous with live music and cultured cocktail lounges.  Stay at any of the Best Hotels in Montreal for top-notch service and amazing amenities.  After a long night out you'll need a great hotel to rest your head.   

Fasano Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro makes the list for cities that come alive after dark, but with fun filled days in Rio as well, you may not find the time to rest.  If you are looking for an action packed vacation where the days and nights seem to last forever, Rio is the place for you.  Filled with culture and exquisite food, guests will not be disappointed during their time here.  Stay at the always fabulous Fasano Rio de Janeiro that inspires guests with its chic yet wacky personality.  If this isn't the hotel for you, check out the other Best Hotels in Rio.  WhatAHotel! would love to help you book the perfect spot for your unforgettable time in Brazil.        

El San Juan Hotel and Casino
Our last city that flourishes at dusk is San Juan.  Not surprising to anyone who has been to this lovely coastal capital, San Juan is full of Spanish-colonial architecture and tons of white sandy beaches.  At sunset visit the Paseo de la Princessa for a perfect pictures taking opportunity or check out El Morro which is a fort that is lit up in the evening and looks stunning under the stars.  Head to the salsa clubs or sip a mojito, either way San Juan will be memorable.  Stay at the lovely El San Juan Hotel and Casino, a Waldorf Astoria property, that loves the night as much as the city that surrounds it.  

If you find that you are a lover of the night, or just looking to experience a nightlife that is remarkable, than let WhatAHotel! help you book your stay.  All of these cities offer gorgeous hotels and resorts that are exceptional and offer guests pristine service.  Get ready to dance all night in some of the most lively cities in the world and find your inner night owl.      

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