Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The Norfolk Hotel

Adventure and Style in Nairobi
At one time travel to Nairobi was for tourists looking to enjoy the thrill of a safari, but today chic hotels and boutiques have popped up transforming this once "pass through" town into a thrilling destination.  WhatAHotel! offers insight into all the great ways to spend your time in Nairobi as well as the Best Hotel, Fairmont The Norfolk Hotel, in this interesting town.  Get ready for an adventure of stylish proportion in Nairobi.  

Fairmont The Norfolk Hotel
Cin Cin Wine Bar at Norfolk Hotel
Fairmont The Norfolk Hotel is a haven of tranquility and welcomes business travelers as well as vacationers on their way to a safari adventure.  All of the rooms are plush and comfortable, ready to rest the weary heads of guests.  During their time here, patrons will find countless amenities that will ensure their stay will be remarkable.  The spa includes the heated outdoor pool as well as a sauna, steam room and treatment rooms for guests.  There is also a state-or-the-art fitness center that will guarantee a workout won't be missed during your time here.  Dining at Fairmont The Norfolk Hotel is also quite marvelous.  Five diverse restaurants are located here offering unique menus for every taste.  The poolside restaurant can feed the masses in the sunlight while the wine bar and tea room offer up sips of scrumptious drinks.  The restaurants are ready to provide the perfect dish to satisfy the hunger of even the most finicky guest.  Fairmont The Norfolk Hotel is glamour amongst the barren terrain found in much of Kenya.     

Open Air Cafes in Nairobi
Terrace Cafe in The Norfolk Hotel
The town of Nairobi was literally built up around Fairmont The Norfolk Hotel, which is still a popular starting point for many that travel here for safari.  But with so many other activities in Nairobi, safari isn't the only reason to travel here.  Creativity has exploded here and with that growth has come some unique shops, food and galleries.  High-end shopping malls sell tribal-chic dresses and incredible jewelry made my local artisans.  The art and design in the area promotes all of the local artists, and several galleries are located throughout the city to showoff the beautiful works.  You can't travel to a new locale and not taste the fine food of the area.  Kenyans are proud of their heritage and their food is flavorful and delicious.  Tapas bars, bistros, and grills are everywhere serving menus that will prove unforgettable.  Let's not forget that Africa is a continent that inspires winemakers, so travel here will expose tourists to the wines of the area in many of the tasting rooms and restaurants.  This travel location is fast becoming a remarkable destination that provides guests with the trip of a lifetime.        

Fairmont The Norfolk Hotel opened its doors and has played an important role in the history of Kenya.  Still today it remains the finest hotel in Nairobi, and WhatAHotel! can also offer you exclusive perks and benefits when booking your stay with us.  Whether searching for an exquisite hotel that will offer impressive shelter before a safari journey or just looking to travel to an interesting and new destination, Nairobi and the Fairmont The Norfolk Hotel are ready to welcome you with a bit of allure and loads of finesse.  

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