Friday, May 17, 2013

Adult-Only Brazil

Dining with a Remarkable View
Whether you have children or not, you can appreciate a vacation that is child free.  Because of this, hotels and resorts have created stunning resorts with the rule that Ponta dos Ganchos is a picturesque locale in Brazil that has just such a policy.  If you are looking for a quiet, posh and romantic getaway, Ponta dos Ganchos is the place for you.  

Upgrade to a Luxury Villa at Ponta dos Ganchos
Ponta dos Ganchos is a paradise located in southern Brazil.  Calling a private peninsula home, this exclusive resort is adult-only and absolutely spectacular.  Arriving via helicopter, as many guests do, only adds to the phenomenal atmosphere of the resort.  One of 25 villas will become your home for the duration of your stay, and inside of the remarkable villa guests will discover private verandas, cozy hammocks and panoramic views of the ocean.  If you upgrade to one of the more upscale units you will discover even more fabulous amenities like a private plunge pool, sauna and Jacuzzi.  While at Ponta dos Ganchos guests will find all-inclusive accommodations and impressive luxury.  Guests can enjoy exceptional food and wine, privacy and beautiful surroundings.  If you are looking for an adult only getaway, Ponta dos Ganchos is ready to welcome you with fantastic service at an exclusive resort.  

Ponta dos Ganchos
When we think of vacation, we tend to dream of lounging in the sand, an iced cold beverage in our hand.  What we don't like to think about is our child throwing a temper tantrum or tossing sand in our faces while onlookers scold us for not being in more control of our offspring. Don't get me wrong, traveling with children and watching them experience new spaces, places and cultures is fabulous and reminds us of how great it is to be young.  But as a parent, getting away from our most precious gift can be quite fantastic.  Become a better parent or check out what its like to be in a grown-up only environment and enjoy the luxury of Ponta dos Ganchos.  

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