Monday, May 6, 2013

Best Hotel Bathrooms

Before you book a stay at any resort or hotel, there are most likely a list of requirements that need to be met.  Depending on how particular you are, this list could be as simple as a clean and well staffed hotel to the complete other end of the spectrum where every detail is examined and scrutinized.  Regardless of whether you are picky or not, you can't deny the love affair guests have with some of the gorgeous hotel bathrooms that are found upon check-in.  Let's peruse a few locations with immaculate and luxe lavatories that will take your breath away, but in a very good way.    

Canyon Point, Utah's Breathtaking Amangiri Desert Resort
Canyon Point is located in the beautiful state of Utah and is home to the desert retreat called Amangiri.  Here guests will find something remarkable everywhere they look and the bathrooms are no different.  Every bathroom features an oblong window above the relaxing tub giving guests a stunning view of the amazing mesa beyond.  Walls in the room are built of sandstone and the potions and lotions in the room are all scented with desert sage.  Who knew a desert could be home to such a complete oasis. 

Claridge's in London 1920's Dream
A London based designer is the brain child to the next luxurious retreat inside of the Art Deco Claridge's.  The pristine powder rooms were recently renovated to flatter all that was glamorous in the 1920's.  Decked out in mint green and black, this bathroom is the epitome of style.  Claridge's in London has ensured guests that their bathrooms are as amazing and indulgent as the entire hotel itself. 

The Ultimate Bathroom at Ponta dos Ganchos
This next bathroom is so full of amenities that you really wouldn't need (or want) to ever leave.  The view alone is captivating.  Full windows show off the Atlantic inlet next to where the hotel Ponta dos Ganchos in Brazil is situated.  In this impressive wooden retreat guests will find a daybed, infinity edge lap pool, mini-gym and a whirlpool tub with built-in stereo.  Soak your worries away with an incredible view of the ocean.  Now that's a bathroom.      

Post Ranch Inn's Inviting Retreat
The Post Ranch Inn has become known as one of the world's most romantic resorts.  Situated on the cliffs in Big Sur, California overlooking the Pacific coastline, this dynamic locale is home to a bathroom that is only worthy of a resort this amazing.  Take a dip at sunset in the suite's stainless-steal tub with a private terrace, full view windows and the perfect real life picture of the ocean below.  Who knew elevation could be so sexy.  

Art Deco Meets Modern at The Mark
Art Deco is a captivating expression and The Mark in New York City is home to 161 bathrooms in just such a style.  The Mark is located on the corner of 77th and Madison Ave in a landmark building that is renovated to be a retreat with plush and fashionable decor.  But the powder rooms here are truly phenomenal.  The floors are marble in a black and white stripe and the vanities are his and hers for added convenience.  Bang and Olufsen phones and an in-mirror television with waterproof remotes make the flashback style look quite modern.  Old, new and very vogue bathrooms at The Mark.

An elegant and chic bathroom is just one more way for hotels and resorts to get the attention of their guests.  These delightful locations are just a few that stand out, showcasing lavish lavatories with fantastic views and amenities.  Let WhatAHotel! help you find the perfect place to get clean and if you're truly lucky, the experience will be memorable.     


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