Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Best Hotel Renovations

Hotel and Resort renovations are quite common.  They are constantly changing out mattresses and worn furnishings to ensure that the surroundings are always pristine.  On occasion however, some luxury hotels don't just perform a simple redo, but an imposing renovation.  Here are a few amazing hotels and resorts that not only swap out the bedding, but add upgrades to the max. 

Peninsula Hong Kong
The Peninsula Hotel Group's flagship hotel is located in vibrant Hong Kong and has become famous for the elegant common areas, impressive dining options, white glove service and a very inspiring Rolls Royce fleet of cars.  This gorgeous hotel opened its doors in 1928 and has dazzled guests ever since.  But recently The Peninsula Hong Kong took on a 60 million dollar renovation that kept all of the fabulous aspects it previously held and added a few more high-tech ones.  Today it stands as one of the most technologically advanced hotels in the world with ultra fast WiFi  3-D televisions and much more. 

MGM Grand in Las Vegas
One thing that remains the same in Las Vegas is that it is always changing.  New hotels are going up and not so new hotels are under construction with the latest and greatest improvements.  MGM Grand is one hotel on the Vegas strip that is truly astonishing and has just executed the highest profile upgrade this city has ever seen.  Standing as the largest resort in Sin City, the MGM Grand presents guests with nightlife, entertainment options and celebrity chef restaurants.  This recent renovation exceeded 100 million dollars and included upgrades to guest rooms from top to bottom, the addition of even more entertainment options and added focus toward sustainability at the hotel.

The Savoy in London
You check in at your hotel and just assume that your bathroom will actually be in your room.  However that wasn't always the case.  The Savoy in London has been a top hotel for quite some time and was actually the first hotel with in-room bathrooms.  Because The Savoy was opened  in 1889, it has gone through the renovation process before.  Not that long ago The Savoy actually closed its iconic doors unable to keep the hotel running.  After three years sitting empty, Prince Charles took it upon himself to reopen it with a renovation that was close to 400 million dollars.  Now this hotel is open and back to the brilliance of it's past, guests are able to enjoy its rich history as well as the new gorgeous and modern conveniences.

El Encanto in Santa Barbara
El Encanto located in Santa Barbara, California is yet another hotel that has been open for quite some time.  Since 1918 this gorgeous locale has hosted important guests with phenomenal amenities and posh decor.  This romantic hotel closed up shop for seven years to allow for a  massive million dollar renovation under the new ownership of Oriental-Express Hotels.  Today guests can enjoy 7 acres of landscaped gardens, breathtaking views of the Pacific, a full service spa and other spectacular amenities.  Stay in one of the new bungalows on the hotel grounds or just sit under the sun and take in the views of the local Santa Barbara vineyards.  Although Oriental-Express Hotels revamped this hotel and created a modern destination, it worked closely with the local historical society to ensure that it was restored to enhance its original charm and beauty. 

Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti, Tanzania
Four Seasons is a luxury hotel group that has a fabulous reputation and promises guests impeccable service along with an extravagant setting.  So it came as no surprise that when Four Seasons purchased a already established hotel in the African Serengeti,  it planned an overall renovation.  Needing to create a destination that guests could recognize as a Four Seasons property, several upgrades were added including a sumptuous spa, divine dining at the multiple restaurants and bars, a kids club, and guest rooms with plush bedding and linens as well as a soaking tub, stand up shower and decadent decor.  Add to these new and improved amenities the lions, elephants and giraffes that call the African grounds home, and the Four Seasons Safari Lodge Serengeti, Tanzania is a one of a kind Four Seasons Resort.

When guests are told "we're under renovation" by their hotel of choice, it can cause stress.  But these days hotels and resorts do their very best to renovate without causing their important patrons any headaches.  It's nice to know that some of the top hotels continue to impress with new upgrades and added amenities.  Let WhatAHotel! help you book your stay at one of these newly refurbished resorts and discover how nice new can be.  





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