Thursday, May 23, 2013

Best Hotels with a Past

Hotel del Coronado in Sunny California
In past articles we have written about the iconic and luxurious Hotel del Coronado.  It's remarkable red roofs and historic past make it easily a prime choice for a vacation destination.  But throughout the U.S. tourists can find many other great noteworthy locales that will impress.  If you are searching for fabulous trip ideas with a story to tell, let WhatAHotel! show you the way.  Here are a few sites that have a celebrated past and an exciting future.  

Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa
In Phoenix, Arizona history buffs will fall in love with the incredible Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa.  Designed and built back in 1929 by the McArthur brothers with assistance from famed Frank Lloyd Wright himself, this architecturally significant hotel has an astonishing 39 gardens, 8 pools and 22,000 sq ft of spa and fitness facilities.  The past of the Arizona Biltmore Resort and Spa is filled with astonishing antiquities.  It was one of the very first resorts in Phoenix and one of the only current hotels that was designed with the help of Wright.  Other notable historic facts include it's abundance of important guests like presidents, Hollywood superstars and famed world figures.  Stay in style with modern conveniences and absorb the character and charm of the golden age.     

Washington D.C.'s beautiful Hay-Adams
Washington D.C. is filled with landmarks, memorials and architecturally significant sites, so it comes as not surprise that located in the country's capital tourists can find a historic hotel worthy of their time.  The Hay-Adams is a boutique hotel located across Lafayette Square from the White House.  Is there any other address with more prestige?  Once the location of two homes of prominent D.C. families  this site was once bustling with local celebrities and great minds, all visiting to share ideas and stories.  In 1927 the homes were replaced by a stunning hotel named after the families that once lived there.  Today it is visited by locals as well as tourists looking for impeccable style, traditional decor and a fantastic location to all that is fabulous in this great city. The dining options here are exquisite and has a reputation around town as serving some of Washington's elite.  Find all that was old blended beautifully with contemporary conveniences and stellar service at the famed Hay-Adams

The Royal Hawaiian, The Pink Palace of the Pacific
When you plan your trip to Hawaii, there is a good chance that the last thing on your mind is all of the history that is found here.  Most travel to experience the amazing weather, fabulous scenery and breathtaking beaches.  But Honolulu's The Royal Hawaiian is a location where the past is as interesting as its future.  Known as The Pink Palace of the Pacific, this iconic resort has remained a beckon of romance and luxury situated on the Hawaiian coast.  Opening its doors in 1927, this resort introduced a new era of extravagant resort travel.  With a Spanish-Moorish style, this hotel had with a full staff waiting on every whim of every lucky guest.  Today the 10 acres are as beautiful as ever and promise visitors exact style and sophisticated decor.  Feel the past come alive in this stunning pink resort.

It isn't just the college professors or history geeks that love a good story or that travel to experience days gone by.  Today many people love to stay in a hotel or relax in a resort with an interesting past.  Let WhatAHotel! help book your stay in a remarkable hotel or resort with a rich and vibrant former life.  See how some hotels have used the grandeur of yesteryear, added the modern amenities of today, and came out on top.  


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