Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Best Off-Peak Locations

For many kids, the school year is coming to a close.  This means some lucky families will be heading out to enjoy summer vacation.  June through August can be the busiest time of year in many locations.  Beaches, tropical islands and big cities tend to attract those looking for a great place to spend quality time with the kids.  Heading to a high demand locale is the norm but can become expensive and quite crowded.  So if you are searching for that perfect place to take your family this summer, consider a few of these not so crowded destinations that still find a way to impress.  

Ulusaba Private Game Reserve
12 Apostles Hotel and Spa in Cape Town
Heading out to a location that is in the middle of winter (at the same time we celebrate summer) may not sound that desirable, but South Africa's winter wonderland is nothing like ours.  Africa in the winter is quite similar to North America's summer.  African summers are scorching, so their winter's boast less humid air and cooler temperatures that make this time of year perfect for travel.  WhatAHotel! has a great variety of resorts that cater to the tourists looking for a wild adventure as well as a laid back stay.  Check out the rugged but posh Ulusaba Private Game Reserve located inside of Kruger National Park.  Here guests can enjoy the ultimate safari experience as well as a unique tree house setting for your deluxe accommodations.  If that all seems a bit too rustic for your taste, enjoy the lovely city of Cape Town where you can find tons of culture; five-Star restaurants promise to serve-up delightful dishes, the remarkable wineries show off amazing wines from the region, stunning beaches and blue waters allow for water filled days and the stylish streets present some rather exquisite shopping.  Stay at the ultra-chic 12 Apostles Hotel and Spa and get ready to be completely pampered.  Sitting in a location that allows guests to experience the iconic Table Mountain National Park or hit the stunning South African beaches, this resort is amazing.  South Africa may be ready to hit their low-season, but the activities and amenities you will find will make you wonder why they ever have a down time. 

Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica
Costa Rica is yet another destination that is ready to welcome tourists this time of year.  Although there is a bit more rain this time of year, the fact that there will be lower cost and less crowds makes up for the drizzle.  WhatAHotel! is proud to offer a number of incredible locations in this beautiful country.  Guanacaste in one site that offers guests the best of both worlds, spectacular beaches and lush rainforests.  Stay at the charming Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica for the time of your life.  Stellar accommodations, top-notch restaurants and Eco-adventure awaits you at this luxurious Four Seasons Resort

Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort in Saint Lucia

Cap Maison in Saint Lucia
It is quite common for tourists to head to the islands for summer break, ready to get away from it all and enjoy the sun, sand and surf, so our next location may surprise you.  Saint Lucia in the Caribbean experiences a low season this time of year.  With this being the case, travelers can find great deals and stay on a Caribbean Island that is truly a gem.  WhatAHotel! presents two unbelievable resorts that will knock your socks off.  Check in at Sugar Beach, A Viceroy Resort amongst 100 acres of rainforest and the World Heritage-listed Pitons.  Plantation style elegance in rooms that are just a few steps away from the beach will entice guests.  Spa service, waterfront dining and new beachfront bungalows all welcome you to St. Lucia.  Our next striking resort is the boutique resort of Cap Maison that is situated on a bluff that overlooks the azure blue waters of the Caribbean.  This hotel has it's own beach to ensure privacy, but located just a few minutes from Rodney Bay's restaurants and shopping.  Both resorts offer the ultimate in service and accommodations to make every guest feel indulged.

These are just three areas that promise your summer travel plans will not be filled with long lines and thousands of impatient tourists.  Remember that off-peak does not mean lack of things to do.  It can equal money saving options on airlines, hotels, restaurants, excursions and shopping as well as less cramped venues and city streets.  Let WhatAHotel! find the perfect low-season destination for you and your family and get ready to have the summer vacation of your dreams.     

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