Thursday, May 30, 2013

Best On The Beach Hotels

Beach Obsessed Summer
If you spend all of the time since your last beach vacation dreaming of your next beach vacation, if while in a tropical destination you have a hard time leaving your ocean side lounge chair or if you find yourself searching for a hotel or resort that not only gives you direct access to pristine white sandy beaches but one that also understands the need to have amazing amenities near the sea, then you might be considered a beach obsessed tourist.  Never fear though, you are not alone.  Many resorts and hotels understand this obsession and have created ways for beach lovers to squeeze in every ounce of vacation time on their beloved beach.  Here are a few locales that offer guests the chance to stay on the beach.  Beach lovers rejoice.

Hayman Resort Beach Villas in Australia
Our first destination is in the remarkably beautiful country of Australia.  Located with direct access to The Great Barrier Reef, Hayman is a resort that will impress.  While every guest room at Hayman is amazing, their Beach Villas are literally on the beach fantastic.  A few steps outside your back door and you will find the azure blue waters and tempting beaches.  Large sliding doors allow guests staying in the villas to enjoy the ocean from the comfort of their bed.  A private plunge pool is also attached to the room giving guests literally everything they could ever want all wrapped up in a chic and stylish room on the beach.  When your room is on the beach, you technically never have to leave the beach.  

Jalousie Plantation Sugar Beach Seaside Bungalow
Saint Lucia is another tropical paradise that offers visitors the chance to stay on the beach.  The stunning  Jalousie Plantation, Sugar Beach located in the Caribbean has eight bungalows that are anywhere from 20-100 feet from the turquoise waters and fabulous beaches.  These villas were recently added and opened early in 2012, showcasing yet another example of how hotel and resort groups are fulfilling travelers desires to be beach side.  This one time sugar plantation now has private suites hugging the ocean with wood floors, private Jacuzzis and the option to utilize a private butler.  Stay on the beach in lovely Saint Lucia.  

Maroma Resort and Spa in Riviera Maya
Riviera Maya is a fabulous location in Mexico and the luxurious resort Maroma Resort and Spa is a great spot for beach lovers.  This breathtaking spot is a great combination of casual and elegant.  The ocean-front villas have huge sliding doors that bring the outside in.  Villas also boast amazing amenities and private plunge pools to ensure your time here is absolute perfection.  This might just be the perfect Mexican vacation destination for those that desire the feel of sand between their toes. 

These are just three locations that prove you can never get too much beach time.  If none of these destinations intrigue you, never fear, WhatAHotel! has many more options of great beach and ocean vacations that will easily inspire.  Get ready to pack your flip flops, beach bag and sunscreen for the ultimate tropical vacation, and if you're really lucky, you'll never have to step away from the sand.           

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