Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Best Waterfront Hotels in America

As springtime heats up, and summer just around the corner, American waterfront cities gear up for tourists.  Many of these locations offer not only great hotels and restaurants but also some unique history and exciting adventures.  Let's see if any of these fabulous coastal communities have what it takes to draw you and your travel companions to their fun-filled streets.

Baltimore's Exciting Waterfront
Baltimore is one of the nation's older cities and every summer it attracts people to its beautiful and vibrant waterfront area.  Another thing that makes Baltimore's waterfront even more alluring is the number of fabulous attractions that call this area of the city home.  The National Aquarium, Maryland Science Center as well as great restaurants, street entertainers and charming shops can all be easily accessed from the city's ocean front area.  If the idea of visiting beautiful Baltimore sounds like a great idea, WhatAHotel! can offer up the fabulous Four Seasons Hotel Baltimore for your stay.  Here guests will experience the stellar service and quality found at all Four Seasons Hotels, along with the urban retreat feel of this top-notch hotel.  Dine in an upscale setting or head to the spa for a luxurious treatment, all of these amazing amenities will help to ensure your time in Baltimore is truly spectacular.

San Francisco Fisherman's Wharf
San Francisco is a waterfront locale that attracts visitors not only during the summer months but year round.  But if a trip to California is on your itinerary this summer, check out the great neighborhoods in San Francisco.  All of the waterfront areas have very unique characteristics and an allure all their own.  One of the most famous is Fisherman's Wharf, a commercial fishing port turned tourists attraction.  Walk along the pier and see the many sea lions that lay around sunning their bellies or hit one of the great restaurants in the area for some of the freshest seafood of your life.  If this destination sounds like the place for you, let WhatAHotel! help you book your stay at one of our Best Hotels in San Francisco.       

Fort Lauderdale's Breathtaking Waterfront
Fort Lauderdale has long been a famous waterfront community and still today remains a top spot for vacation travel. What makes this Florida city so great is that, thanks to all of the canals and waterways, the entire city is one massive waterfront.  Great beaches and chic shopping can be found all over this amazing city, so guests can have tons of fun with water activities, enjoy delectable dishes at the oceanfront restaurants or boutique shop at some of the high-end stores.  WhatAHotel! is proud to offer exclusive perks and benefits at Fort Lauderdale's Best Hotels.  

Historic Homes on Charleston's Waterfront
Savannah's Vibrant Waterfront at Night
Although a visit during the summer months to either of these next two cities will showcase hot and very humid weather, both locales are definitely worth your time.  First is the historic and adorable city of Charleston.  Everywhere you look in this South Carolina waterfront community is not only charming but has a great story to tell.  All summer long, outdoor festivals and farmers markets are held in the city square, and horse drawn carriages are easily found to give you a ride around town and hear the awesome stories from Charleston's past.  The restaurants around town offer fresh and local flavors and when night falls many locations come alive with drinking and dancing.  Our next hot town is also historic and very charming.  Savannah, Georgia is full of mossy trees, giant parks and antique homes and storefronts that captivate visitors from the first moment they arrive.  The waterfront area is a great place to spend the day.  Tourist shops, delicious restaurants and bars and even an open air market that sells local artisan wares are all found on the edges of Savannah's canal.  Both cities will capture your attention and your heart with all of the history and magic found here.  If you plan a trip to Charleston, check in at the beautiful Charleston Place Hotel, considered one of the finest hotels in the area.  If Savannah is more your idea of summer fun, head to the urban chic Andaz Savannah that is overflowing with artful decor and a relaxed vibe.  Either choice will ensure that your trip is full of history, landmarks and beauty. 

With so many remarkable places all over the world that temp us to come and enjoy their culture and amenities, sometimes we forget that this amazing country is overflowing with impressive places to spend  time.  WhatAHotel! is thrilled to be able to offer customers exclusive complimentary perks and benefits in most of these awe-inspiring areas.  This summer head out to one of America's most amazing waterfront cities and enjoy summer fun close to home.  


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