Thursday, May 2, 2013

Hawaii's North Shore and Shark Tours

Hawaii's North Shore and Turtle Bay Resort
There are countless ways to spend time during a Hawaiian vacation.  The island has pretty much everything one could want or need for a flawless trip.  However there is one excursion that may not be at the top of many tourists lists, but if you have a tendency to be an adrenaline junkie this is the adventure for you.  Come to Oahu where you can head out on a dive with sharks, one of the worlds most dangerous and feared creatures. 

Lovely View at Turtle Bay Resort
Oahu's north shore is a treacherous yet legendary location.  The waters in the area are known for large swells and some pretty fierce storms, but with the assistance of a few fearless souls, a trip into these rough and shark infested waters is completely doable.  The tour company takes small groups out to encounter Galapagos and Sandbar sharks, both of which are neither afraid of humans or aggressive in nature.  But if you're lucky, or unlucky in some people's opinion, a Tiger shark sighting might also occur.  These are the most terrifying of all sharks and coming face to face with them has, in the past, lead to injury and even death.  Thankfully in most cases the shark tour guests are safely tucked inside a metal cage to prevent any unpleasant outcomes.  Swimming with sharks may not be for everybody, but if this water sport peaks your interest, Oahu's north shore is the perfect place for you.

Delicious Meals in a Delightful Setting
If you are planning on heading out on a play date with sharks while in Hawaii, Honolulu is a great place to stay.  The large city is full of fabulous restaurants, great beaches, a vibrant nightlife and some chic shopping, so while you aren't out by the north shore, there are plenty of amazing activities to keep you busy.  Let WhatAHotel! find you one of the Best Hotels in Honolulu and have an amazing stay full of fantastic amenities and top-notch service.  Another options is to stay at the resort that is situated right on the north shore, the lovely Turtle Bay Resort.  Located only 45 minutes from Honolulu, this resort gives guests a feel of isolation but still within driving distance of big city life.  A stay here will give you five miles of white sandy beaches, spectacular ocean views and an abundance of fantastic conveniences.  The natural beauty that surrounds Turtle Bay Resort give guests a private setting but the amenities here will guarantee that guests will want for nothing.  So if a bit of authentic Hawaii is what you are looking for, Turtle Bay Resort can easily fulfill that desire.  

Pool at Turtle Bay Resort
People that love to travel usually have a wish list, an outline of places they want to go, things they want to do and see.  Why not accomplish two amazing feats in one trip.  Head to the tropical paradise of Hawaii, full of tradition and stylish sophistication and during your stay visit the fabled north shore for a bit of adventure.  You're trip home will be sure to be full of amazing and unforgettable stories.


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