Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Best Hotels for Glamping

Eagle Island Camp in Botswana
Some people swear that camping is the best way to spend quality time outdoors.  Sleeping under the stars, cooking over an open fire and isolating yourself and your fellow campers from the outside world seems like paradise to nature lovers.  There is another group of people however, that think camping consists of staying in a hotel without a 5-star restaurant and 1000 thread count sheets. If these two types of people just so happen to desire to take a vacation together, the difference could cause problems.  But today there are a few hotels around the world that offer something called glamping, otherwise known as glamorous camping.  This seems to be the best of both worlds, tents under the stars and luxurious beds with plush pillows.  Here are a list of beginner tips for those that think glamping might be perfect for them as well as a few of WhatAHotel! resorts that offer the perfect glamorous tents.      

Luxurious Tent Bath at Eagle Island
So before you venture out to experience the true idea of glamping you should understand a few things about it.  First you have already read that the word is a combination of the word camping and glamour, so for a site to be both of these things it should give guests all of the comforts of a great hotel with easy access to the great outdoors.  Second you need to understand that this experience is for a diverse number of people.  It is a great vacation for honeymooners and  can also be a great destination for families.  And finally it is important to understand that these fabulous glamping sites are not just situated in one type of location.  You can find these luxurious tents surrounded by grassy hills in a temperate climate or in the dry dessert sands.  So select a location that best fits your mood and get ready to familiarize yourself with all the pleasure that exists when you explore the great outdoors.

The Resort at Paws Up in Montana
WhatAHotel! offers travelers spectacular benefits at the Best Hotels in the World. We are also proud to have a few resorts that can offer guests a great way to experience glamping first hand.  Maun, Botswana is the first location in the exotic country of Africa.  Eagle Island Camp has luxurious accommodations located on elevated wooden platforms. Here guests can enjoy the beauty of the African Okavango Delta while seeing the big game, lush vegetation and exotic birds.  Our next exclusive location is in breathtaking Montana, where the weather might be a bit cooler then Africa but the glamping is just as fabulous.  The Resort at Paws Up is tucked away in Greenough, Montana where the luxury tents have everything guests could ever want.  The countryside is remarkable and the waters are crystal clear.  These are just two options of what is available when it comes to the wonderful world of elegant camping.  WhatAHotel! is proud to feature these two resorts that also offer exclusive complimentary perks and benefits that will absolutely set us apart from other online travel companies.  So take a look at the wonderful world of camping mixed beautifully with the luxe world of haute hotels and get ready to become one with nature.  

Spa at The Resort at Paws Up
Camping is quite exciting for some while others prefer to be pampered by a top-notch hotel.  So why not enjoy both!  Glamping has been growing in popularity most likely because it fulfills the desires of a large group of people.  So this summer if you want to head out and see all the wonders that nature brings, but not be too far from a cozy bed and indoor plumbing, head to one of these amazing resorts.  The wild awaits with lots of fresh air and room service.       

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