Monday, June 17, 2013

Four Seasons Maui Resort

Vacationers love their watersports.  Snorkeling, scuba diving and surfing are all highly rated activities that tourists enjoy while on their beach vacation.  One sport that has been around for a while but is just starting to surface as a main stream sport is stand up paddleboarding.  It began in the 1960's in Hawaii as a way for locals to travel out on open waters and photograph tourists as they learned to surf.  It has since grown in popularity.  People of all ages are attempting to try out this enjoyable sport when they head ocean side.

Paddleboarding in Hawaii
Because Hawaii is where this phenomenon began, there is no shortage of places that tourists can rent a board and paddle out for some fun.  Four Seasons Maui at Wailea is a great place to stay during your time in Hawaii.  This luxurious resort has everything you could ever want and need while in Hawaii and you can be certain the the hotel staff would love to assist you in acquiring a paddleboard or help you find a paddleboard class.  With prime location on the beach, you won't have to travel far to be oceanside.  So let Four Seasons Maui at Wailea entice you to relax as well as play hard during your time in fabulous Hawaii.

Four Seasons Resort, Biltmore in Santa Barbara
Paddlebaording at Four Seasons in Costa Rica
If you are thinking that a trip to Hawaii doesn't fit into your schedule, never fear, paddleboarding can be found in a plethora of other locations.  Santa Barbara adopted the paddleboarding phenomenon when surfers realized it was a great way to spend time on the water when there weren't any waves.  Santa Barbara harbor is the perfect place to set out to enjoy the sun and surf and happens to be one of California's popular paddleboarding areas.  Stay at the beautiful Four Seasons Resort, Biltmore in Santa Barbara where they have paddleboards ready and waiting for adventurous guests.  Another great locale is the Bahamas with 120 miles of island chains to explore.  Stay at any of our Best Hotels in the Bahamas and find paradise.  Other sunny settings include Costa Rica, Key West, and Mexico.  For far less warm temps you could hit Whistler in Canada known to be a favorite for winter and summertime activities.  Enjoy the beauty of the lakes in the area that are surrounded by the picturesque Rocky Mountains.  Seattle is another paddleboarding hot spot due to it's accessibility to all things water.  Capture the stunning views of the Seattle city skyline from the water and we promise that the experience will prove to be quite memorable.

These are just a few prime locations that are great settings for paddleboarding.  Water activities are a vacation must, and this one is great for every type of person.  It is not difficult to learn but once you head out it is a great way to burn some calories, tour the area and hang with friends.  Rent a board, take a class or even try some yoga moves, all aboard your stand up paddleboard.                  



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