Wednesday, June 5, 2013

D.C.'s Hidden Haunts

Mandarin Oriental Washington D.C.
Washington D.C. is a captivation destination that attracts many different types of people.  Tourists can find landmarks, memorials, parks, historically significant architecture and documents as well as chic shopping and dining, all in one fabulous location.  But the famed attractions of the city can be bustling with people.  Even though you may have to endure long lines to be able to experience some of the areas amazing sites, D.C. also has some hidden treasures in places that are not quite as busy.  So if you plan to head to the Nation's capital soon, know that although some of your time might be spent finding your patience at some of the top tourist attractions in the area, there are a few other sites that will be less crowded and promise to leave a lasting impression.

Sightseeing along the Potomac
The list of monuments that are on the must see list when you head to Washington D.C. often include the Washington Monument, Kennedy Center, the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials as well as the Capitol.  If you just want to catch a glimpse of the sites in a unique way, then hop aboard one of the cities many sightseeing pleasure boats.  These enchanting boats give guests a cruise along the iconic Potomac past the above sites and a few others.  Included in your ride is a historical narrative of the landmarks and a chance to drift by the crowds.  This is a great way to enjoy a vast number of popular sites without the long waits.  

College Park Aviation Museum
Just a short drive away in College Park, Maryland is an aviation lovers wonderland.  College Park Aviation Museum, an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institute, is a 27,000 sq ft modern facility that will impress but without the huge lines that can be found at the Air and Space Museum.  Sitting on the site of the College Park Airport that opened in 1909, the grounds itself have a history.  This is the site where Wilbur Wright provided flight instruction to the very first military fliers.  Guests will find tons of activities, aviation artifacts and even a flight simulator.  The College Park Aviation Museum is a great place for those that are passionate about the history of flight as well as for families looking for a great way to spend the day.  

Georgetown Dumbarton Oaks Museum and Garden
If you have spent too much time walking through the concrete jungle around the monuments and landmarks, the Georgetown Dumbarton Oaks Museum and Gardens might be the perfect spot for you.  This garden offers 10 acres of both formal and informal gardens all designed by Beatrix Farrand, a very famous landscape architect and designer.  This oasis is a relatively unknown locale and is also home to some beautiful works of art.  These gardens would be a great way to spend some time enjoying uncharacteristic quiet  around the capitol.  

Yards Park
When traveling to Washington D.C., packing your swimsuit may not seem that important.  However The Yards Park is one of the riverfront neighborhoods and is the perfect place to head when the kids are in need of letting off a little steam.  The park is set up as a series of outdoor rooms including one that has a 11" deep canal created primarily for children.  This spot not only looks nice but is a play friendly watering hole where every hot day kids gather to cool off.  Another section has charming wooden chaise loungers so that guests and sit back and watch the riverfront.   This amazing park also hosts year round concerts and outdoor festivals.  

Four Seasons Washington D.C.
Other not so touristy spots to definitely check out include Potomac National Harbor, a waterfront setting great for shopping, dining and even a paddle boat ride, or the National Aquarium where visitors can enjoy an up-close experience with over 1500 creatures.  All of these exciting spots are absolutely tempting and will only add to the memories that you make while on your tour of Washington D.C.  Let WhatAHotel! show you all of the Best Hotels in Washington D.C., like the fabulous Four Seasons Washington D.C. and Mandarin Oriental Washington D.C.  We want you to realize that this alluring city is full of chic hotels that offer exceptional amenities and top-notch service.  So when you start to plan your trip to this epic area, take some time to not only enjoy the national treasures found here but also the charming spaces and places that help to make up this phenomenal destination.  Washington D.C. is definitely filled with history, but it also overflows with fun and festivities.       

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