Friday, June 14, 2013

Magnificent Mukul Resort in Nicaragua

Coast of Nicaragua and Mukul Resort
The country of Nicaragua is located in sunny Central America sandwiched between Honduras and Costa Rica.  Many visitors that head to this beautiful country enjoy the colonial city of Granada, but tourists that focus only on this busy locale can miss out on the remarkable city of Rivas and the new and stunning resort that has just opened there.  Enjoy Nicaragua's Emerald Coast and the town of Rivas where adventure and luxury awaits.

Suite at Mukul Resort
Mukul Resort opened it's doors recently showcasing 37 guest rooms, each offering a secluded space and a unique style that compliments the natural surrounding of the resort.  All of the breathtaking rooms offer spectacular views of the ocean as well as a private pool and terrace.  The teak wood accents and cream colored interiors are calming to visitors and the ocean views and stellar service will create a fabulous feel to all that are lucky enough to stay here.  Dine in style and taste the flavors of Nicaragua at the interior restaurant or go casual at the seafood restaurant overlooking the ocean.  The on-site spa has a unique set of treatments using aromatherapy and medicinal plants and herbs so guests can relax and rejuvenate.  Among the 4 miles of coastline that belong to the resort guests can find pristine beaches, fun watersports and even an 18-hold golf course.  So getaway from the everyday and enjoy the extravagance that is Mukul Resort

Restaurant at Mukul Resort
The owners of the memorizing Mukul Resort strive to stay true to the community as well as the environment that surrounds the resort.  The staff at the resort are more than happy to help guests enjoy the city and the people that live near the resort.  Head to the nearby fishing village of Gigante for an authentic experience.  Beachside restaurants are charming and the shops offer local wares that not only allow you to take a great gift home but also help support the community.  The resort staff will also assist guests in finding interesting tours and ways to spend time in this amazing country.  Although the beauty and amenities of Mukul Resort are sure to keep you entertained the entire time you stay with them, the amazing cities and countryside near the resort are spectacular enough to draw you out for an adventure. 

Luxury at Mukul Resort
Nicaragua is a lovely country filled with a rich history, gorgeous architecture and awe-inspiring scenery.  So if you are in need of a unique vacation destination, let WhatAHotel! help you book your stay at Mukul Resort.  We will not only assist you in booking your stay at Mukul, we also offer exclusive complimentary perks and benefits that will ensure you stay is truly spectacular.  Travel to Nicaragua and enjoy a vacation unlike any other.       



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