Thursday, June 13, 2013

Most Beautiful Churches in America

There are few things in this world more stunning then the cathedrals and churches that were built centuries ago in Europe.  Intricate architectural details, gorgeous stained glass windows and priceless art all help to create a simply magical place to visit.  Although the US is quite young in comparison to our neighbors across the pond, we still are blessed with a few breathtaking churches that are definitely worth a visit.   

Of course New York City is filled with impressive architectural landmarks and so it comes as no surprise that there is a cathedral here reminiscent of old world Europe.  Called The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, this Episcopalian church encompasses an entire city block and is tall enough to house the Statue of Liberty.  The only church that is taller is St. Peter's Basilica in Vatican City.  Made of Limestone and granite , this impressive church was first built in 1892.  It was originally designed in Romanesque-Byzantine style, but after several fires and decades of wear, the church transformed into French-Gothic style.  In addition to the massive cathedral comes 13 acres of pretty grounds for visitors to stroll through and if you are lucky you might spot one of the white peacocks that calls this site home.  When traveling to New York City, WhatAHotel! can offer you a remarkable stay at one of the Best Hotels in New York City where you will receive perks and benefits to ensure a memorable visit.

A trip to our nation's capital means countless monuments and landmarks that are simply stunning.  Washington National Cathedral is not only beautiful but also has a very interesting past.  It has been the site of 21 presidential funerals as well as a few funerals for famous national heroes.  The design of this cathedral is Neo-Gothic with a limestone exterior, steep arches, flying buttresses and stained glass windows.  It took 83 years to build and wasn't completed until 1990.  Because of it's most recent finish, the designers actually put a sculpture of Darth Vader at the top of the west tower as a symbol of evil.  Head to the Pilgrim Observation Gallery where visitors can catch a glimpse of a 360-view of Washington D.C. and the beauty of the surrounding area.  A trip to Washington D.C. should require sophisticated accommodations, so let WhatAHotel! help you find one of the Best Hotels in Washington D.C. to allow for a fabulous nights sleep.   

There are other locations around the country that are also proud to showoff their architecturally significant churches.  St. Mary of the Angels in Chicago was close to demolition when what some consider a miracle happened and today it remains standing in all of its glory.  New Orleans also has a gorgeous cathedral in it's midst, the Cathedral-Basilica of St. Louis King of France overlooks Jackson Square and is our country's oldest continually used Catholic church.  San Francisco has Grace Cathedral in Nob Hill that is reminiscent of Notre Dame in Paris and the exotic Hawaiian Islands have The Cathedral of Saint Andrew located in Honolulu that is Hawaii's first Gothic vaulted Cathedral.  

These are just a few phenomenal churches that prove although America may be young, it has a beautiful past that is filled with stunning architecture.  Let WhatAHotel! assist you in finding the perfect hotel in a city that is proud of it's landmarks and churches.  With the additional complimentary perks and benefits that you will receive when you book your travel with us, you will no doubt be pleased with your first-class accommodations in some of the Best Hotels in America.  


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