Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Most Lovely American Lighthouses

There is something completely charming about a lighthouse.  Whether it's the romantic notion of days gone by, the historic significance of some of the locations or just the classic beauty of the architecture, these beacons attract tons of tourists.  Scattered all over America are literally hundreds of these iconic structures, either overlooking a vast ocean or tucked onto a rocky landmass on the banks of a lake or river.  If these simple buildings have captured your attention, then let's take a peek at a few of the breathtakingly beautiful lighthouses that watch over the waters edge all over the United States. 

Makapuu Lighthouse near Honolulu
Kauai Lighthouse on Kauai
Hawaii is known for many things, but it isn't as popular for it's lighthouses.  Located on Makapuu Point on Oahu tourists can find a trek that takes them on a tough hike up a steep path.  At the halfway point there is a lookout that is the perfect place to be able to view one of the states islands.  The red roof and white picket fence make it look charming while the rough and rocky terrain make it seem quite treacherous.  The rugged beauty of the area is quite different then what you will find in nearby Honolulu.  Stay at one of the Best Hotels in Honolulu and find chic boutiques, extravagant food and a posh atmosphere.  The island of Kauai is the more natural of the Hawaiian Islands and so finding a lighthouse seems a bit more likely.  The Kilauea Lighthouse sits at the end of a looming cliff and can help to light up the night.  Take a trek to the lighthouse during the day and enjoy spectacular views of the Pacific.  If you plan to stay on Kauai, check out the always fabulous Four Seasons Hualalai, Kona where guests will discover unimaginable luxury and service.  Hawaii may not be a state that comes to mind for beautiful lighthouses, but one look at what it has to offer and a trip to see the tall towers is a must.

Fox River Lighthouse near Chicago
Michigan and Illinois may not hug the coast of an ocean, but Lake Michigan's size is large enough that it can seem like you are near the sea.  All up and down the coast tourists can find stunning lighthouses, and if you look at some of the rivers that feed from the large lake, you can also find some beautiful lighthouses.  In Geneva, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago lighthouse lovers can find Fox River Lighthouse.  Sitting quietly on the shore of the river with the same name, this lighthouse is both unassuming and stunning.  Surrounded by a thick crop of trees, a walking path and a pretty section of grass, this lighthouse is pretty all year round.  Stay nearby in the fabulous city of Chicago and enjoy mid-western charm and big city style.  WhatAHotel! is proud to offer some spectacular hotels in the Windy City that will make you feel truly pampered.

Point Bonita Lighthouse in Sausalito, California
The west coast has a few charming sites that include The Pigeon Point Lighthouse just south of San Francisco, Point Bonita Lighthouse near Sausalito, California, Heceta Head Lighthouse in Oregon and Patos Island Lighthouse on the San Juan Islands in Washington.  A trip out west will no doubt showcase some stunning landscape with the quaint lighthouses keeping watch.  The east coast is also home to some gorgeous lighthouses.  Maine and Florida have some stunners as does North Carolina.  If you decide to visit either coastal region, you will not be disappointed with the number and beauty of the lighthouses that call each coast home.  

If you find lighthouses intriguing, for whatever reason, the United States has a number of awe-inspiring locations that allow you to catch a glimpse of the structures and their past.  Allow WhatAHotel! the chance to book your travel plans and know that not only will you be staying in a stunning hotel, but you can also receive exclusive complimentary perks and benefits that will set us apart from other online travel sites.  Plan your getaway to some of America's most beautiful lighthouses and fall in love with their warmth, charm and beauty.       



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